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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway...

Dear friends,

**WARNING!!! This post contains a review of Frozen and also some trivia regarding it (a big Thank You! goes to IMDB ;) my reliable source when it comes to movies data). It will be an extensive post and it will have loads of pictures and text so please grab yourself a cup of tea and a warm blanket and Enjoy!**
As you may have figured out by now, I have managed to see Frozen :) I think I am hearing a crowd of approvals from back here and I am happy for it ;) now for those who have seen this movie this post may be redundant but for all the other friends I have and yet not seen this latest Disney beauty it may come as a help. Please be aware that I will keep nothing away from you and there will be SPOILERS! So you can either stop now and check out other posts I have done until now or come later on for the Musical Friday usual post, or you may stay and enjoy the trivia and hear me rant about this heart warming animation done by Disney ;)
The French Poster showing as "The Snow Queen"
Producer Peter Del Vecho explained the English title change from "The Snow Queen" to "Frozen": "The title Frozen (2013) came up independently of the title Tangled (2010). It's because, to us, it represents the movie. Frozen plays on the level of ice and snow but also the frozen relationship, the frozen heart that has to be thawed. We don't think of comparisons between Tangled and Frozen, though. The decision to call the film Frozen was the filmmaker's decision. The studio's decision to then call it the Snow Queen overseas was because that just resonated stronger in some countries than Frozen. Maybe there's a richness to the Snow Queen in the country's heritage and they just wanted to emphasize that." As he continued to make his statement, "We're telling a story about family and relationships and that in itself can be very complicated. A lot of times what you perceive something to be isn't what it turns out to be - Elsa has to hide for her whole life who she is, even from her sister. That clearly affected her and made her into the character she is. Hopefully, if you look at the story through Elsa's eyes, you'll be able to understand what she does, or if you look at it through Anna's eyes, you'll be able to understand why she does what she does, but they're all complicated relationships. We don't think of it as a Princess movie. They happen to be Princesses, but we don't think about it that way, so I always get a bit thrown when people talk about this. But I can say we want to make them really believable and not set them up on a pedestal. Our version of these characters should feel really real and be relatable to things you might go through in your life."
The characters of Anna, Hans, and Kristof are all named after Hans Christian Andersen: Prince Hans as in Hans, (Krist)of as in (Christ)ian, and (An)na as in (An)dersen. 
Idina Menzel said Frozen (2013) is "a bit of a feminist movie for Disney." "I'm really proud of that," Menzel tells Zap2it. "It has everything, but it's essentially about sisterhood. I think that these two women are competitive with one another, but always trying to protect each other - sisters are just so complicated. It's such a great relationship to have in movies, especially for young kids." Kristen Bell said on a similar matter: "I'm really excited to show it to people. I became a part of the kind of movie I wanted to see as a kid," she said. "I always loved Disney animation, but there was something about the females that was unattainable to me. Their posture was too good and they were too well-spoken, and I feel like I really made this girl [Princess Anna] much more relatable and weirder and scrappier and more excitable and awkward. I'm really proud of that."
Elsa is the third Disney vocal role for Idina Menzel. At the end of Enchanted (2007), her character Nancy Tremaine went to the animated Andalasia and married Prince Edward, and in the Disney television series of Hercules (1998), she is the speaking and singing voice of the sorceress Circe.  Idina Menzel auditioned for the part of Rapunzel in Disney's previous fairytale, Tangled (2010). Even though Menzel didn't get the part, a Disney casting director recorded her audition and two years later, it got her the part of Elsa.
Originally, Queen Elsa was intended to be the villain of the story. However, when the character's major song, "Let it Go," was played for the producers, they concluded that the song was not only very appealing, but its themes of personal empowerment and self-acceptance were too positive for a villain to express. Thus, the story was rewritten to have Elsa as an isolated innocent who is alarmed upon learning that her powers are inadvertently causing harm and struggles to control her powers with Anna's help.
Anna and Elsa are the 2 Princesses of the kingdom and they are best friends with eachother. Elsa is the older one, more serious and mature, and Anna is the younger one, all giggles and songs and laughter. The movie starts with Anna jumping on Elsa's bed and making her come out to the ballroom where one of the most beautiful songs start: "Do you wanna build a snowman". We soon learn that Elsa is gifted and that she was born with special powers - powers that unfortunately she cannot control. She has icy powers that allow her to freeze things and make snow appear. While playing with Anna she accidentaly strikes her in her head with her frost and Anna gets a white stroke of hair for always. But she does not recover so her parents take her and her sister to the mountain trolls that cure her and say she was lucky she did not get hit in her heart as the heart cannot be turned back as easily... they erase all the memories of Elsa doing magic for Anna but they leave in all the fun ;) and they give special gloves to Elsa to keep her magic under control. Time passes by and Elsa shuts herself out from the world and her sister, trying to control her powers but to no avail... Unfortunately their parents die and the girls are left all alone. Fast forward 3 years later when Elsa comes of age and she needs to take power into her own hands and open the palace doors for the world to come...
For Anna this is a magical time as she has never seen a ball and she could not remember when she ever saw the castle doors open... I love her scene in the ballroom and the drawing room where she dances and twirls and jumps fitting the lovely paintings on the wall ;)) For Elsa it is a dreaded time as she still cannot control herself and she knows she will have to take the gloves off in order to receive the symbols of power. But all goes well until the party after the coronation. Anna foolishly falls in love at first sight and presents her "future husband" to Elsa. Elsa is in enough stress with all these people around and keeping her panic to a minimum so she cannot believe what Anna just said and refuses to give her consent. They both start argueing and as we could expect this end up bad... Anna takes one of her gloves and from there on all Hell breaks loose and the kingdom is slowly transformed into an Ice Kingdom and their beloved fiord is frozen...
I sincerly love the "Let It Go" song that Elsa is singing once she is free, out on the mountain - The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway... And let's face it, Elsa is quite a kick arse architect. She builds in an instant the most beautiful ice castle you ever seen and she transforms like a ice-phoenix all hair down and winter white dress... She has the power and she has a strong will and she wishes not to hurt anyone! Especially her baby sister. But guess what!? Anna is a strong willed Princess as well so she leaves Hans in charge of the kingdom - yes, her newly discovered fiance... Lack of judgement if you ask me! - and rides off to talk to her sister and prove people wrong, that she is not a monster. With help from her new friends - Kai, Kai's Raindeer (whose name escapes me here...) and Olaf (the most adorable snowman you will ever see, made by Elsa) - she manages to find her sister in the North Mountain and confront her. Well... that worked out well! NOT! While discussing/fighting Elsa hits by mistake Anna and this time in her heart...
Long story short, Anna is dying and only true love can save her - according to the adorable trolls that saved her the first time. So Kai rushes out to the castle so Anna could get in time to Hans to have a true loves kiss that would cure her... Well SURPRISE!!! Hans wishes both girls dead so he would have the kingdom to himself so he leaves Anna to die, locked in a cold room, and goes to kill Elsa as well... But change of events, Olaf rescues Anna and helps her out of the castle so she could meet Kai and save herself - Kai is the one she loves, Kai put her needs above himselfs and Kai got into her heart step by step not just during one night at a party! And I sincerly love this turn of events. I love that Disney is showing that not the first person you lay your eyes upon is your true love or that you need to marry the first person you set eyes on. I love that both Anna and Elsa are 2 strong Princesses that make up their own minds and destinies. Anna sees Hans trying to kill Elsa and she makes up her mind upon sacrificing her own love/life/freedom in exchange of her sister. She puts herself between Hans and Elsa in the exact moment when she gets transformed into an ice statue and breaks Hans sword. Now don't worry :) Disney stories always have a happy ending and I did tell you that true love will save our adorable Anna ;) Anna's true love for Elsa and her sacrifice makes her turn human again so the 2 sisters reunite and Elsa learns how to control her powers through love :)
For the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", three different actresses respectively provided the singing voice of Anna: Katie Lopez as Young Anna, Agatha Lee Monn as Teenage Anna, and Kristen Bell as Anna. Agatha is the daughter of the film's writer/director Jennifer Lee and Katie is the daughter of its songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. In fact, Katie and her sister, Annie, sang the film's deleted song, "Spring Pageant", along with their parents. The song can be found on the film's two-disc Deluxe Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack.
The two snowmen, Olaf and Marshmallow, represent Elsa's personalities when she made them. Olaf, who was built by Elsa when she played with Anna as a little girl, is friendly and affectionate. While Marshmallow, who was made by Elsa when she wanted Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf to leave her castle and never return, was rough and fierce. At one point in the production, the giant Snow Monster that Elsa creates was actually a giant Olaf, and Olaf addressed him as "little brother". Studio thought it was cute and kind of funny, but ultimately looked a bit dumb. Scenes like the siege of the ice castle would've been pretty strange had they gone this route. 
Upon winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, Frozen (2013) became the first full-length Disney (non-Pixar) animated feature film to win the award for the category after the studio was nominated four times before. Frozen is also the first Disney animated feature film to win a Golden Globe since Tarzan (1999), also directed by Chris Buck.
And remember everyone: Only true love can thaw a frozen heart. So never give up loving! :*

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that truly enjoyed Frozen and she is sure to be watching this again and showing to her future children, one glorious winter day :)