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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

To Dub Or Not To Dub, This Is The Question!

Dear friends,

When I was a wee lass I used to watch Cartoon Network and that is how words got stuck to my head and how I started learning foreign languages. The cartoons were never dubbed and they were always the original, no subtitles, so we would try to understand and remember words we knew until we got to understand the big picture. I am both happy and proud that I lived in a time when Cartoon Network was not dubbed! I also used to watch the Italian channels and search mainly for Sailor Moon ;))) and that is how Italian language stuck into my brain. The human brain is a sponge when you are small. It is the best time to learn languages and accumulate knowledge. As soon as you will get older it will just get harder and harder!
I remember the culture clash I had when I came here in Poland. I had no problem when I came just for the vacation as I did not look deep into the problem back then but in time it revealed to me: DUBBING! Now I do not own a TV - and I do not see the need of it at this age when we have the Internet and everyone has his own laptop - but most of my friends do, and they also find it quite odd that I have none. Tell you the truth I never missed it... by the time I went to Faculty I gave up on it and spent my free time either reading or going out with my friends or volunteering. I would only watch TV while at my Grandparents or when something special would be on - like the New Year Concert from Vienna :) Coming to Poland I think I actually watched the TV only after I started dating my husband ;))) He had a small TV in the place he was renting and he was watching mainly sport or movies or news on it. But mainly sport, and to be more precise, one of his personal fav's: ski jumping. I know that at first I was shocked that everything was in Polish language and that everything was dubbed - including the comercials/ads. You could not hear anywhere any other language than Polish. Now you need to know that Polish people are proud people and very nationalistic. Most of them will understand English but they will refuse to speak it for shame of not being good at it. They will understand you nonetheless ;) I have many friends with which I am speaking in English and they reply in Polish - thank God I understand some Polish language now, but at the beginning it was quite a pain in the arse. But I realised that this is why they do not know or they are afraid of speaking in English. It is understandable but I wish there would be options in which you would just disable that... I miss watching movies in the real language and that is why we have no TV. It is easier and much more comfortable to buy or rent the movies in their own language and watch them with Polish subtitles - and in this way everyone is happy and I get to learn the language as well ;) 
Going to the Cinema is one of my favourite things to do when I have the time and money for it :) I love cartoons and I love comics but unfortunately those fall under the category "For Children" and in Poland all those movies will be dubbed and there will be no option to see the original. I repeat: NO OPTION!!! I did not get to see Brave on the big screen, I had to wait for it to come in a DVD version :( Don't even get me started with me wanting to go and see Frozen! Everyone is in awe and I will not get to see it on the big screen! I will have to wait! - unless I wanna see the Polish dubbed version instead of hearing the lovely voice of Idina Menzel (love her ever since Rent hit the stage!)... which I do not! I still have on my list The Lorax (long live Dr. Seuss!!!). Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss In Boots were adorable but again I missed seeing them on the big screen... I dunno in how many countries dubbing happens like here in Poland but I really love the fact that in Romania we did not have this. We had the original. With Romanian subtitles, but the original movies with the original voices and the original soundtrack. Like it should be!... at least for me! :)

What do you think lads/lasses? What is your opinion on this? Are your movies dubbed as well? :)

Yours truly,
An Expat that does not agree with dubbing - A LadyBug that loves the original! :)