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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Did You Check The Weather This Saturday?!

Dear friends,

Have you seen the weather this last Saturday?! It was amazingly perfect to have a walk. Here in Krakow we had over 5 degrees Celsius with + :) the sun was shining, the snow was still fresh and white and it was not raining and the icicles were not dripping (it rained and dripped though on Sunday, no worries!) and the sky did not have clouds... clear sky, clear atmosphere just perfect for a walk and for going out - which surely I did ;)
Me and my awesome husband managed to get some good night sleep after the long tiring week so we kicked off out of bed late and with a very good mood. He went off to meet his little sister and I had a meeting with 2 of my ladies out in town - thank God the meeting was setup for 2 pm! :) Although we live in the same city and we work in the same company - even in the same building! - we do not work under the same projects so we do not get to see eachother that often. We are all from Romania and we all met in this company :) Daniela is in the company the oldest and she knows by now to speak Polish brilliantly! She is engaged to a lovely Polish lad and they look adorable together - they will get married a week after our church ceremony ;))) Oana was my previous flatmate and at a certain point we all 3 lived together - me & my husband & her - and she is also engaged to a talented Polish lad - you heard me talking about Piotrek before and his awesome pictures ;) They will be having their civil wedding in May. Et voila! All 3 of us are marrying our very own Polish lads this year - now that is something to talk of! which we did, for around 2 hours ;)))
We went for some latte and sweets to the Coffee Heaven - this time the one placed inside the Rynek. The brought 2 more sortiments for the winter time and so Oana tried the Spiced Rum Latte and I had the Crunchy Cookie Latte, which was mindblowing and sweet and had Oreo crumbs! It was soft and you did not feel the kick or espresso. It was more milky and choco sweet - with the whipped cream on top ;) I cannot remember though what Daniela had... But we also had sweets :) Me and Dana had the same. We tried one of the 2 new sweets but you have to excuse me for not remembering the full name... I could not find it even online... They have 2 new sweets - one is a kind or strawberry chocolate tart and one is a mango & yogurt miracle ;)))  Of course we went with the mango & yogurt and we were both very much pleased. It resembles somewhat a very fine cheesecake. I loved how it looked - round and creamy and with a mango layer that looked like pure gold + the 2 white chocolate pieces on top, that looked like 2 slices from the mango... mmm mmm mmm... I wanna have some more, please! Right now! :)
We all 3 agreed that we should do this more often but we had all to leave as Oana had guests, Dana had a dinner with her fiance and I had a long night ahead having a blast with some other friends from work ;))) What can I say, my weekend are always full :p
Now you must remember Liudka - I told you about her a couple of times and also of her serious cat Amadeusz ;) - and if you do not, you should be ashamed! She is an adorable young lass I work with and I was happy that we got to see eachother again out of the office. We had a small party at her place in Kazimierz and she cooked the most amazing simple yet tasty goodies :)
We had mulled wine with spices and slices of oranges & she made non-alcohoolic drinks out of ginger/honey/cinnamon/citrus fruits that were warm and made you warm up from the inside out. She also made great starters with fresh bread, garlic, blue cheese and spices warmed up in the oven - God, those were just heavenly and mouth-watering!!! and she made muffins with citrus fruits and an awesome meal with meat and beans and other things I cannot name with curry ;))) It was spicy and went perfectly with Liudka's home-made flat bread :)
We played games and we laughed and we told stories and helped eachother win. When you are between friends everyone wins, let us be fair ;) I even got to be Cinderella ;) and I managed to guess who I was :)
We said Good Night! around 11:00 pm and Liudka's friends were kind enough to take me by car home - I would have had to change 2 buses so I am extremely grateful to them :* (You can see them in the picture below, are they cute or what?!)
I had more than 3 beautiful hours with Liudka and Bernadetta and Kasia and her fiance + adorable Amadeusz, even though most of the time he was hiding away from us (We violated his privacy!) .

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that had a beautiful and full Saturday with lovely weather :)