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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Poland. Come And Complain.

Dear friends,

Once you become an Expat you try to do your best in assimilating and understanding as much as you can of the culture you are dropped in :) Cultural Groups, Expat Groups, Photography Groups will become your best friends and you will learn tips and tricks from the locals or from expats like yourself. A page that I have bumped into by mistake/chance really got a hold of me - that was a couple or 2 months ago, but believe me when I say that this little team quite grew on me ;) The Facebook Page is named "Poland. Come And Complain." - underlining from the start that one of the Polish qualities is to constantly somplain about everything and everyone (if not the weather then politics or sports or even food!). They also have a Youtube Page for the videos they upload - not many right now, but I believe they will develop that in the future ;)
The Site was founded in July 2013 and here it is its description from FB:
Poland. Come and complain. is a fanpage presenting amusingly Poland and the Polish culture. It is based on what the Poles like to do the most - complain.
We’ll answer all the questions that you’ve always been afraid to ask your Polish friends. We believe that it will make you understand us a little bit better.
Like it here? Great! Come and join us! Want to do some complaining yourself? Do not hesitate, upload your picture and/or video and join the complaining mania now!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey to Krakow :)
This page actually manages to put a smile on my face each time I see something new. I can relate now - after 3 whole years and something extra - to the Polish way of living and I began to understand some of its customs. And I love that this page lays it all in the open, for everyone to see, the way Polish people are and the way that they think and see things. Polish people are warm and proud and nationalistic. They believe in their country but at the same time they are sick and tired over how things run in certain aspects. Either way I still believe they are around 10 years ahead of Romania so me being here was a win situation for me. But when you look at Poland and put it agains countries like Germany or Denmark I am afraid that she will loose. And thinking of that makes me wanna complain :) I think I may be transforming into a Polish woman here ;)))

** I did this post out of love for Poland and for the Facebook Page named "Poland. Come And Complain." Thank you for bringing a smile on my face and thank you for complaining. It may not be constructive but it is fun ;) I was not rewarded in any way for this post but I believe that the team will like this and a smile from them is my pay ;)  **

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Expat In Love With Krakow :)