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Friday, 21 February 2014


Dear friends,

I dunno about you lads/lasses but I have very mixed up feelings when it comes to rain. Mostly when it comes to me and rain we have a love-hate relationship - the kind that makes you linger around even though you are not quite sure why you are doing that... I was born in Autumn and I love Autumn with all my heart - I even adore the warm summer-autumn rains! But I am unsure about the rain, especially here in Poland. I have never seen a country in which it would rain this often and weirdly - ok, maybe except UK but I did not live there, I just visited so I am not jumping into conclusions here...
Rain here in Poland takes at least a third of the year and sometimes even a half! It can be warm and short during the summer just so the things would cool down and the athmospehere would be fresh. It can be long and bubbly and stay a couple of days in the autumn, and make you stay inside and watch a movie or read a book - even dance in the rain if you are up to it! But there are those mean and cruel type of rains that bring the cold and soak you to the bone in an instant...
February rains are totally different that the October rains - that are warm and nice - and they make you layer up more and more until you get to the normal temperature back again... Monday evening on the 10th of February, atfer a full week of sunshine and temperature constantly over 5 degrees Celsius, the weather wanted to show off and it started raining. The first day the rain was short - only half a day - it started when I went to work and by the time I had to go back all was well. The second day was no longer the same... raining hard, windy and in case you were wondering all the pictures from this post are from that day - the 12th February - with my Blackberry so please excuse the quality ;p I would not take the camera out in this type of weather - that would be pure madness!!! The first picture though is from the first day of rain, with puddles and shining sun... All rainbows and unicorns ;)
Even though it was raining continuously since morning and it was cold and I wanted to come home fast, when I saw this wild blue-black fruits with the rain on them I could not stop myself from taking the phone out and shooting this small pictures for you ;) The night lamps giving a soft light in the puddles... it all looked so fairy tale like in a disturbed bad way somehow... I was waiting for a goblin to pop by from the nearest bush!
The next day was even more horror like... On the February 13th - lovely number, don't you think?! - I woke up and looked outside. My jaw instantly dropped as I could not see anything. There was huge fog... the kind that you would cut with a knife! As I walked to work I could see that the rain on the blue-black fruits and the trees and the bushes has turned into crisp frost, white... like the creamy fog surrounding us...
I love the puddles during rain... I love pictures taken in puddles... I love the warmth of the rain and I love walking in the rain. Just as long as it does not soak me up and the cold gets to my bones so bad that I turn purple. I love the rain as I love to see the reaction of people in the rain... How do you feel about it?

P.S. Rain also reminds me of Enya's beautiful song Listen To The Rain, but you will hear about that a bit later on, don't you worry ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Sometimes Loves Rain :)