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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Dear friends,

Do you sometimes also miss writing? And especially writing letters to your friends and family? To you tire standing in front of the pc/laptop/tablet and typing on the keyboard? Do you long to pick up a crayon/pen/pencil in your hand and start writing? Funny part is usually when you want to do that you feel like you do not know how to write anymore...
Picture Taken on 8th February - just a bit outside Krakow :)
I miss being small sometimes and not having a computer next to me, in my life, 24/7. The first desktop we had was a AMD K6 and I used to play on it by reading interesting facts on Encyclopaedia Britannica. My mum was the first one who actually took lessons and learned how to use a computer. We learned about it as we went along, and there was not such a need at the beginning - I think I was somewhere in 4th or 5th grade when mum bought it
I always rather liked writing than typing and technology, even though it thrills me and I love it to bits, makes me also feel very vulnerable. I also guess this is why I always loved Jane Austen. I would think of her, leaning over her writing desk and making all those beautiful characters come to life with the tip of her feathered pen. Back than you would write the letters with all your heart and you would usually pour your sould into them, in carefully selected phrases. You would think things over, you would crumple the paper and you would start again. When you would be happy with the result maybe you would - if you were a lady - spray a bit of perfume on the paper - especially if you would have written to someone you loved. Thank you would carefully fold it into an envelope form - and later on, even put it a special envelope - and pour some wax and seal it with your ring with the family crest... Stop me from daydreaming!
Nowadays we just use mail, we barely use the postal services anymore... It is true, emails are faster and you get them in real time on your phone or whatever gadget, but at the same time we are losing the informational content, the connection between the sender and the receiver. We are much more shallow and senseless... 

Do you feel the same? Do you write letters anymore?

Yours truly,
A Puzzled LadyBug