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Monday, 3 February 2014

To My 3 Lovely Ladies

Dear friends,

Volunteering is something everyone should do. I started volunteering officially in my first year of University and I did not stop until I finished my Masters degree. That is about 5 years in total, of officialy helping others and "making the world a better place". I was a volunteer in 2 organisations that I still love from the bottom of my heart. During the University/Faculty years I was part of the Economic Students League and during my Master I was part of AIESEC.
But the story I am about to tell you this time is not about volunteering but rather about a group of ladies I met through AIESEC. We all got recruited in AIESEC in the same year - if my memory does not fail me it was the Spring/Summer of 2009. We all wanted to go with the Exchange Program in different countries - to work on our specific knowledge within corporations. We did not know eachother before that time but I must thank AIESEC - head on! - for this chance of meeting them.
@ The Irish Pub in Cluj somewhere in the summer of 2009
The 3 of them are like the 3 musketeers for me :) They have different personalities, different styles, different ideeas yet with them I always feel at peace :) When we were recruited in AIESEC we had to go to a conference in Cluj for 3 days. Guess what?! We liked it so much there and we liked eachother so well that we actually prolongued the stay with one more day for sightseeing and having fun on our own. Tell you the truth, I will never regret that! :) Maybe I just regret the fact that we could not stay more :p
The 3 ballerinas in Cluj :)
But slowly and carefully now I shall try to tell you more about these 3 ladies that stole my heart and that I wish I could see more often - not once a year...
Isabela - I call her Isa Caisa (Caisa = apricot, in Romanian language) as it rhymes and I have always found this lady dangerously sexy :) Hence her true Royal name - yes, we each have a Royal name, because we can! and we are worth it! Her name is Her Royal Sexyness. She had 2 lovely interships already and I managed to visit her on one of them. Her secondary internship was in Vienna and last year, for my husbands bday, we went there for the weekend. It was lovely as I did not see her for almost a year - with me in Poland and her back home or in Vienna.
She is very dear to me and I have always wondered upon her enigmatic way of being. She is neither too close or too distant to people and somehow her being is very much like catlike. I love it when she smiles and she know how to make me laugh, she loves to explore and try new things. Hey! She even went to the same Faculty and Specialty as I did ;) She finished Marketing but the generation with 4 years - I am the first generation of 3 years, the compact one where you feel your brain goes on fire... I miss her the most as recently I barely can get a hold of her - she is no longer on FB and that is mainly the way I keep in touch with them... and most of the time I cannot even catch her on Skype... Honey, if you are reading this, give me a sign as I miss you a whole bunch! :*
@ AIESEC IASI - 15 years celebration
Clara - I call her Claire Bear as she is so huggable! She is the artistic spirit of the group :) She shifted from a master in her domain and did the same Master as I did: Marketing and Business Communication. We used to take the same classes together. She is the soft cuddly type of lady - she is Her Royal Awesomeness as she is just that awesome! She likes South Park and we would always make specific sounds or say specific words/phrases from the series. Claire is an artistic soul, as I said, and she loves painting. She has a good hand and started her second Faculty - Arts - due to that.
We went together, just the 2 of us :) to Paris - to fill our hearts with wonder and culture and art. We agreed that a MUST SEE was The Louvre and although Claire is not an early starter we got there in the early morning, before it opened - right as soon as the doors opened the queue started to form, so we were grateful that we got there in time ;) But we always said we would not have a chance to see all so we agreed on 2 areas: paintings for Claire and sculpture for me - I am a sucker for Rodin! She is a pure soul and her heart is clean from all the evils that could arise. I have not seen her for almost a year now but thank God for FB and Skype :) She did not change a bit and she is still that blonde haired girl that stole my heart :* Here's looking at you, kid!
I do realise just now that this is the only picture I have with Elena... :(
Elena - or Helenz/Helene (of Troy) - is also named Her Royal Fluffyness due to her deadly style :) It is more of a cover-up as she is deadly as I am - we are both Scorpio's and even though I do not believe in star signs I see a resemblance in her that I do not see in others. She and me are the only ones in the team who did not have interships. I forgot to mention that Claire Bear had internships in Germany and that she is still there now and by the looks of it she is better there than she would be at home. I hope that everyone aknowledges her for her power and sight and vision. But let us get back to Helene :) Even though she is still in the country she is no longer in Iasi but in the capital of the motherland - Bucharest. I do not get to pass Bucharest now that much and it would be a very large detour so I guess I have to say that I have not seen her in body for more than 3 years - since I moved to Poland.
Happy Bday Isa :*
Thank God there is Skype and I get to talk to her like that! She is the serious type, the meditative, she is very very very smart - finished Informatics - and now she is working in Bucharest for over 4 years I think. She moved there with her lovely other half, a crazy boy whom I very much like and I really think they make a dashing couple - crazy and wild and smart. Just think of the kids they will have! Mindblowing! :D I just thought of that... She is also an artistic and hidden soul like Claire but she likes more to sketch and pencil draw from what I have seen. She is the misterious type of girl that I can't help to bond with. She is very dear to me and yet she is the only one of the group that did not meet my husband in person - Clara seen him a couple of times in Iasi and we even went out together a couple of times, Isa saw him in Vienna last year and we went to visit Schonbrunn together (he was my fiance back then ;) just FYI). I truly hope though that this year we shall reunite! All 4 of us!
@ a casual cup of tea :)
It is true, while being in AIESEC and The League, I have made numerous friends that I care about and that I keep in touch with. Some come and some go but these 3 ladies stuck to my heart. They will always be here and I will always be there for them. My door will always be open and my ear will always listen to their words. That is why I wanted to let you, my friends, know of them :) They are 3 big souls that matched mine. Life gives you people in your path and some will stay and some will leave - I wish for them never to leave. We had fights, we had laughs, we went to parties, we did serious things together - like promoting AIESEC and the internship program... all this made us stronger and glued us together and they will always be a part of me. No matter what will happen!
In August this year I shall have the church wedding with the man of my life and I surely do hope that these lovely 3 Royal ladies will be there :) I know they will :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug that loves her ladies :)