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Monday, 3 March 2014

Ever After Cinderella Story Mashed Up With Leonardo

Dear friends,

** This is a review I did a long time ago, on the 9th of February 2011, and published in my previous blog "Paint The Sky". But as you did not read this before, I thought I may share my thoughts with you. Pay attention to spoilers, as I shall be telling you about Ever After: A Cinderella Story **
I must have been really small when I watched this movie the first time but now I really see it like that: Ever After Cinderella Story Mashed Up With Leonardo ... or “Ever After: A Cinderella Story “… the movie from 1998. This is what I shall be speaking of today ;)
Storyline: With the sudden death of her loving father, Danielle is made a servant by her new stepmother. She also has two new stepsisters, one quite kind but the other one really horrid. Still, Danielle grows up to be a happy and strong-willed young lady, and one day her path crosses that of handsome Prince Henry, who has troubles of his own at home. Luckily the nice Leonardo da Vinci is on hand to help all round. Written by Jeremy Perkins <>
Drew Barrymore is very lovely and lady like in this movie, picturing Danielle (our “modern” Cinderella). She CAN be lady like when she wants to ;))) and this part suits her so well… it is just like this movie was created for her :) Danielle is a strong and powerful young girl. She knows a lot of things and can speak up her mind when her heart conducts her…
She was “trained” as a young girl to read and to think for herself. Her dad’s last gift to her was a book… and not just any book, but “Utopia” :)

I do love the scene when they first meet: Henry and Danielle ;))) it is a very funny scene where she actually kicks his ass really really hard :) she has quite a good hand and as she thinks the prince is stealing her family’s horse, she keeps throwing apples at him and with a really good and fair aim ;)
I do love how Leonardo Da Vinci is pictured in the movie and I have enjoyed the linked of the story with his great knowledge. His speaches about love and life are truly memorable… and truth is: to live without love is a loss to everyone who walked this Earth
I do love also the scene when Danielle comes to The Grand Ball dressed in that lovely drass and the glass shoes and the huuuuuuuuuuuuuge white shimmering wings… That is when she “tries to fly” and surpass her position as a human being… It somehow resembles the flight of Icar… as in that case… Danielle gets “burned” and she falls… her stepmother will break her wings and leave her crying… Henry will judge her and her heart will slowly break apart…
It is NOT the Prince who will rescue her, for Danielle does not need being rescued. She will do that herself :) Henry will be too late in doing that, for she will already be saved by herself ;)) ironic, is it not! :) What kind of prince is that?! Well… my dear friends… SHE is an extraordinary young lady with a powerful mind and a fitting body ;) And I enjoyed watching Danielle imensly :)
Two thumbs up for Danielle :) our beautiful Cinderella :)
It is a must see!!! 

P.S. you will enjoy the resemblance of Leonardo’s sketch with Danielle’s fair face ;)
Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Loves Period Movies