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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Rainy Koln Carnival

Dear friends,

Here we are again at yet another lovely #TravelTuesday where I will share with you a bit more about our lovely trip to Koln/Cologne this year. We were lucky enough to schedule our trip so that we would catch the Koln Carnival so we could experience for the first time in our lifes one, and I am so glad we did!
Cute random street art :)
These pictures were taken in the students area of the city, early in the morning! The city was already full with people dresses up and drinking beer. Yup! You are allowed to drink alcohool on the street no matter if it is Carnival day or not! In Poland you are not allowed to do so.
As you can see we had a lot of fun :)
And we got in touch with the Flower Power :)
We walked all over town as Dana wanted to show us how different people party around the city. And I must admit it was fun and a bit confusing hopping on and off buses and walking about :)
Managed to get even to the meeting place of the parade cars and trucks and whatever not's. We even got a chance to see the lovely horses of the city guard that was all over the place and remined me of the musketeers and of Alexandre Dumas :)
Just Another shop ready to refill
Here are below a few shots that I took of the lovely horses and the nice people riding them :)
I just loved this guys smile! :)
He looked very happy/amused :)
Just a few shots...
Random statue we bumped into and that I liked :)
Small break for some food as we were hungry :)
And let the parade begin :) Of course you may not know this but during the parade the people on the cars/trucks/horses and the ones walking in the parade throw candies/sweets and other items while parading about. They even throw flowers like orchids and spring-like flowers... tulips and daffodils and such :)
Were they kissing for real or just for for, for the camera?!
Look! They gave us flowers!
Oh, did I mention that it was raining quite hard most of the day and all time during the parade?!
Would you just look at that cart and at those wheels?! Amazing :)
I bet that hat came in handy with all the rain! :)
Cute couple we met in the bus and gave them the flowers :)
We had a bit of fun at the pub - as you can see in the blurry pictures above. Sorry for the condition of the pcitures. We were taking continous pictures of the parade in the rain and the lens condensed and this was the best we could get in the given circumstances. The pub was packed and the entrance was 10 euro per person. You could not drop a needle inside that place, nor move. I think it took us at least 45 minutes to get in but the music was really nice and the athmosphere amazing - though I might have wished I had no coat, scarf, bag, camera with me so I can move freely and not worry about them laying around there... No tables, no chairs, just dozen upon dozen of people having fun :)
Here we are, the happy party people - picture taken by my lovely husband :) We had some fun in the club/pub... place :) and then we headed off by foot home. We had a short detour where the day started and we listened to this amazing band playing the drums inside a tower entrance where the acoustic was just amazing. In the middle of the night we were dancing in the street, rain coming down slowly and hundred of happy faces around...
When we managed to get home I figured out I should take out all the goodies we have gathered during the Carnival from my bag - thank God I always wear huge bags while travelling! :) I think we had at least 1 kilo if not more of candies/sweets, dozen of Ritter Sport mini chocolates (I just love those!), MARS mini bars, TWIX mini bars, HARIBO teddy bear minis and more more things you can see there :) Even some colorful pasta that we ate when we came to Krakow and was really really tasty! :) Now that is what I call a haul - all 3: me, Marek and Dana were proud of it ;)
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Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Koln :)