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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Walk Along The Rhein

Dear friends,

As you very well know, in February we had a lovely trip to Koln/Cologne. I have so many pictures from that trip... so many pictures I wanted to share with you, that I am booked for many more weeks to come. Of course, as usual, I am linking up with the #traveltuesday in order to keep track with my friends from the blogosphere - and also in order to get new ideeas of future trips ;)
The Lovely Hohenzollern Bridge
Last week I was telling you about the Hohenzollern Bridge - the bridge with the love locks. Today I shall tell you what we did next after checking the bridge piece by piece for interesting new locks. Dana was our amazing guide and after crossing back the bridge we started walking along the Rhein - from the Hohenzollern Bridge to the Chocolate Museum, close to the  Severinsbrucke.
Hohenzollern Bridge from the Cathedral side of the Rhein :)
Opera House & The Cathedral
I will tell you something only locals know ;) Next to the Cathedral there is the Opera House. It has a very nice coffee shop on the ground level and also some museums (that we did not check). It also has a very large portion of curved pavement under which there is the music area, the opera under the ground level. When walking over it the phonic isolation is not that well done so people inside can hear the people above walking, so when there are concerts/shows that area is closed to the public and they even have guards standing by to tell you not to cross over and try to walk as you usually should ;))) I can see a minor flaw there in the architecture plan :p
Walking along the Rhein will bring you face to face with some really nice and colorful houses. I call them happy houses as they brought a smile upon my face when I saw them :)
You may even bump into some people shooting an interview :)
Or see some more pretty houses :)
Also you would surely bump into this circular construction that shows the level of the Rhein when it floods.
You have to pay attention to where you are walking as you may bump into a street paved with names of people - I have no ideea why and what and how but I just needed to snap a shot. As you can see a green truck wanted to run me over but I was faster ;)
We had a short detoru on Heumarkt/ Alter Markt and we checked the pulse of the city, the day before the Koln Carnival started. All the city was a buzz preparting with balloons and other sorts of decorations :)
The next day, when we were here, the whole square was full even if it was raining... You could hardly drop a pin! So many people packed in so many types of costumes, painted faces, all smiles :)
Red and white are the colors of Koln so we saw a lot of red and white balloons and flags around ;)
A pretty odd postcard, don't you think??!
Just another beer house :)
Another small detour was made to see the Rathaus, which was under construction but we still managed to circle it around to catch a glimpse of it. Not so impressive as the one from Vienna but still pretty and unique.
The Statue made me think of Harry Potter somehow... Ministry of Magic...
We did not enter to see the Choco Museum in Koln, as Dana told us what it was inside and I realised I would be very dissappointed if I would go. The best Choco Museum is the one in Barcelona - they even give you a chocolate ticket ;) you get to see the history of choco from the tree to ones mouth ;)
Instead we went on its rooftop and we watched Koln as the sun was setting. That was really beautiful and I am glad that we did that :) It was quite a nice stop after the long day. We all 3 sit down on a bench and watched the Rhine and the sun setting on our left side, between the buidlings
The 3 good friends :)
The perfect cloud
The setting sun...
We walked further on until The 3 Cranes - a new piece of Koln architecture. Kranhaus Buildings Cologne - or The 3 Cranes - are 3 consectutive buildings along the Rhein (you can see them in the pictures above). Architect: BTR (Bothe, Richter, Teherani, Hamburg). The 3 buildings are actually 2 offices buildings + 1 apartment block.
Project start date: end of 2006
Date of completion: beginning 2009
Gross floor area: 16 000 sqm / sqft
Building height: 60 m / 15 storeys
Car park: 1 600m the longest in Europe
Cost: 50 million €
While walking back I just had to take the picture of this bike, suspended in the air :)  
Nice way to park a bike without anyone being able to steal it!
We finsihed the tour with the lovely & dark & gloomy Cathedral :) and I managed to get a few nighttime pictures of it before we headed home. The day was complete by having an amazing meal prepared by Dana.
And guess what?! It was Romanian traditional meal - we had mamaliga and pork, the best combination ever! Plus... I have to be excused, I had to take a selfie in the curved mirror, it was too nice :p
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I would love to hear from you and tell me what you think of Koln until now, of if you ever been there, or if you are planning to go, or even if you like my photos or not. Feedback is always appreciated ;)

Yours truly,
The Koln Loving LadyBug