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Friday, 25 April 2014

Moo Loves You Too!

Dear friends,

Here I am with another short update from my trip in Romania - Iasi this year :) Today I shall tell you about a magical sweet place called Moo Cafe where you can have some really relaxing time and eat something really sweet. Step with care as you may get sugar high from this place ;) I am not a huge fan of sweets but I must admit this is one miraculous place that makes you love them, even if just for a little while. As a short introductory tip I must let you know that the cheesecakes are amazing! It does not matter which one you will choose - the plain one, the chocolate one or the one with fruits like raspberry - it will still taste heavenly and it will melt in your mouth in no time ;) I recommend it with all my heart!
Here is how they present themselves (in Romanian but translated loosely into English) on their Facebook profile page:
MOO is a brand new chain of Roc-a-Fella cafes and marks the beginning of a process of rebranding and strengthening the business by starting their own production and retail locations confectionery , pastry and ice cream Italian artisan .We started in 2005 in Iasi, in order to bring quality for a public that knows what he wants. The recipe worked and in the next years they would open more shops in multiple locations , currently reaching a total of nine locations - present in Iasi, Bacau , Bucharest and Constanta .We created the new brand out of the desire to diversify and improve the range of indulgences and also passion for good and sincere taste. We searched , we tried and carefully selected from hundreds of Italian and French recipes pastry and confectionery. And they respect their own laboratories, always using quality ingredients , natural, fresh , most of it being imported. We invite you to test the result .It is difficult to tell you a taste . You must feel it, experience it yourself.
You will find in our locations the best Italian artisan ice cream , the tastiest pies and the most amazing cakes . You will find carefully selected coffee , which you can enjoy in our location as well as you can take the package at a special price in our area Buy & Go .You will enjoy the famous macaroons and also you will be able to customize any way you like the cake of your dreams. The result will be better than expected . Cups with fluffy cream , chocolate cake with real waves , rare teas ... would have much to say but there are more to taste !So I leave your taste buds to judge.We are sure that you will love us .We welcome you dearly to any of the MOO locations in Iasi , Bacau , Bucharest and Constanta !
The place is extremely nice and cozy and right in the heart of the town, right next to the Palace of Culture & Palas Mall. It is hard to miss and it would be a shame if you are ever in Iasi if you would miss it. I bumped into this place by pure chance last year when I went with my awesome husband home for the summer holidays and I fell in love with it ever since. The freaky moose scares me no more :) Just think of this, last week when I went again for the first time this year to Moo Cafe I checked their FB page and guess what? It had 222 ratings and an average of 4,5 stars out of 5 max + 7,244 likes · 179 talking about it · 189 people actually tagged that they were there (I was one of them, to tell you the truth!)
The Gaga Cake :)
As I said they have an amazing sweets but also amazing snacks. I recommend with all my heart the cheesecakes - the ones with strawberry, the choco one that you can see in the picture above or just the simple one - but also the Gaga Cake which is heavenly. It is with strawberry filling and with a lovely pick mini half macaroon - matching the inside of the cake - on top. It simply melts in your mouth and though I believe it has loads of calories it is totally filling and worth it ;) Wash it down with some straight or mint lemonade and it will be Heaven like :)
The ricotta & spinach tart
If you are hungry or not in a mood for sweets you can order some sandwiches, mini-pizzas and tarts. I particularly like the French tart type with ricotta and fresh spinach that makes you think of spring and puts you in a very good mood. I heard that the mushroom one is good as well but I cannot tell as I did not try that. You may wish to consider the mini-pizzas as well - they have 2 assortments only thought. I was informed by 2 awesome ladies who are my friends that it is quite filling and tasty and they thing of coming there again in their lunch breaks so I consider that a fair review ;) I did not try it as I am not a pizza fan, to tell you the truth... But overall, Moo Cafe was always a pleasant experience ;)
** I was not payed and recompensated in any way for this post. I did this review out of love and out of respect for the good and tasty and sweet things they have there. They are totally worth your time and I hope you will let me know if you liked them and what you tried ;) **

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that loves Moo Cafe :)