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Monday, 28 April 2014

StreetArt And Other Odd Things - Iasi

Dear friends,

As you very well know by now, I love StreetArt and I love new and artistic things that appear around me. I have not been to Iasi for almost a year now so I figured out I should bring with me a few images of the new art trends here in Iasi, but also a few funny things as well... Stay put and relax and let me glue a smile upon your lovely faces :)
This little angel-monster with a wicked tooth was next to the Arts School and it caught my eye. I think it has a pen in his hand and it looks like he wants to stab you but then you look to his eyes and you can see he means no harm :) He made me think of the movie Ghost Busters ;)))
Further on there is a lovely place where children can play and mums can sit in the coffee shop open in the same house. It is called "Tara Minunilor"aka Wonderland :)
From the outside it looks like such a happy place, filled with light and color :) I believe that if I would have a child I would try it at least once - to give it a shot - and if I would like it I would go again. You rarely find children proof coffee shops where both mums and kids can have peace and fun.
Just look at that window with the colorful umbrella :)
In Iasi you can easily bump into this cute/sweet/colorful car especially in the city center. It looks as if chocolate melted on it with whipped cream & cherry on top added. It belongs to Tuffli, a lovely sweets shop that does amazing cheesecakes and macaroons ;)
Next to the University, in Copou, I bumped into this small van that sells food (fast-food) to the youngsters of the nation - now it was closed as it was Easter break.
We also bumped into a few signs on the windows of some shops :) The one above stated *Closed on the days of 19,20, 21 April, which means Saturday, Sunday and Monday* - you cannot get more explanations than that!
And this one said *Soon, a new activity* and the shop was empty - there used to be a small book shop there, but you could not see any sign of what new activity they speak of...
Last but not least the lady with the spotted helmet that looks like a LadyBug :) Now tell me what you think of Street Art - are you tempted to run around town and catch a few glimpses of people expressing their mind or are you against painted walls? And have you ever spotted a weird sign around town? I would love to hear your stories ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With StreetArt