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Friday, 30 May 2014

A Bit More Krakow StreetArt

Dear friends,

What are weekends for? I say they are for relaxing, having fun, meeting friends and doing the things that you would like to do during the week, but you cannot as one must work. Well that is exactly what I did last weekend. Saturday was filled with the Stanley Kubrick Expo - down at the Muzeum Narodowe - and with seeing friends :) I really urge you to go check out the Stanley Kubrick Expo as we stayed there for 3 hours - me and 2 friends from work :) - and we could have stayed the whole day if we did not have other plans as well. It is worth every penny and it is just 25 zloty ;) (I would not recommend it to children though, due to the nature of some of his movies).
After the time spent in the museum I had a nice quiet walk to Kijow Cinema where I found the StreetArt above. The quote attracted me and I could not help myself from snapping the picture and thinking if ever someone wake up with me in their dreams - I have no recollection of that! :) As I exited the museum the clouds were already turning gray and it looked like storm was coming so I tried to hurry to get to the Main Square and maybe hide in one of the libraries :)
I then bumped into this building, somewhere close to the Jagiellonian University. I have passed it before but it never had this... poem/lines? on it. Yet another piece of StreetArt popping up on the Krakow streets :) Needless to say that even though I did have an umbrella I managed to get myself soaked - it was not rain but rather a storm and the rain was not falling but bucketing! (yes... someone up there was throwing buckets of water continuously for 10-15 minutes!). But not to worry, the sun came back up - not as strong but still good enough to dry me up ;) I wonder what this weekend will bring me! Do tell me how your weekend was and if you managed to see any other pieces of StreetArt.

Yours truly,
A StreetArt LadyBug