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Friday, 2 May 2014

An Autumnal Sign

Dear friends,

I have yet another confession to make: I love handmade things :) So when I reached Iasi - over 2 weeks ago - and I found out there is an Easter Handmade Fair in town I was happy to take my mum for a walk and pass by the lovely Stefan cel Mare street.
I love to look at all the beautiful and artful things that can come out of the crafty human hands and I must admit it is also quite hard to get me out of a fair like this without buying something. This time I bought a lovely leather and carton painted bookmark from Push Design art & crafts. You can find them easily on their Facebook Page ;)
I choose from a set of 4 lovely bookmarks made with the seasons. The first one that caught my sight and heart was unintentionally the one I bought and it represented autumn - a lovely red haired lady with a flowing green dress and a lovely red-brown tree. A few moments later I realized that actually it was part of a set and they had all the seasons painted similarly :) But what a coincidence to like the season you are born into... :)
If you feel tempted to try you can find them online on their Facebook Page or on the Romanian Handmade site called Breslo ;) and I bet it would be no problem to talk to them in English. People inside the team are young and very talkative and very eager to sell their products. They are proud of their work and they are not afraid to say it. So I recommend them ;)
This picture was not made by me and it is taken from their FB site to show you all the seasons :)
So what do you think? They have more models of bookmarks with the seasons and with other paintings. Just give it a try and have a look. Maybe you will also feel inspired to do something similar. Now I am reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini and the book feels honored to have Autumn Fairy with her :) Yup! I named her... it was a must! ;)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug & Autumn Fairy