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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tuffli - A YumYum Place Since 1873

Dear friends,

Here we are at yet another #traveltuesday :) Today I have something very special to share with you: a magical sweet place that I have always loved - Tuffli. Now you may ask: What is Tuffli! Well Tuffli is a lovely coffee-sweets shop in Iasi, on the Lapusneanu street. When I came home for the Easter, this year, I had a very nice surprise by seeing the brand totally remodeled. Now the place is named Tuffli - La Maison Du Chocolat and with that a new web page, new car for deliveries and new inside was added. Of course due to that the prices were raised as well, but as we (me and my dear friends) tested the products, I must admit they were yummy as always :)
It is always a tradition to meet here with Jo Anne and with Claudia :) and have some macaroons. We all have our favourite colors and flavours and they make the best ones in town. Totally worth a try when you will be in the area ;)
They are open 7 days a week and you can have a sit in the indoor or outdoor terrace:
Mon - Sat: 08:00 - 00:00
Sun: 10:00 - 00:00
You can pay cash or by Visa/MasterCard. Possibilities are limitless as you can stay there or order out - take away and eating in the park or having a picnic is totally doable ;) They also take orders via phone or internet (Facebook). It is awesome for rather small parties and also birthday parties for children. Or you can just order out the cake there and they could bring it to you ;)
This is one of my personal fav sweets from them. It is called Piersicuta (The Little Peach) and as you can guess it is made with peaches and cream cheese. It is heavenly and it just melts in your mouth ;)
Claudia had some coffee and with coffee you always get a small muffin + a gorgeous kind of cheesecake made with sour cherries but turned out to be the mother of sweetness ;))
I love that they use only natural ingredients and the taste is always so fresh. You should check out when they pull out a batch of baked goodies, like the chocolate muffins... it smells divine!
This place has quite a history, as in 1873 the shop was opening it's doors for the very first time. Two good friends, who were master chefs and knew the art of doing the perfect sweets, brought all the way from Switzerland new chocolate reciepes. Sneaky people, I would say! Unfortunately the shop stopped working during the war and reopened only 10 years ago, but since then it became a hit! The lovely sweet place that was before...
Here I am inside the shop, checking out a wedding cake book. An example of what I don't like VS. what I do like. The first one is way too heavy and it has too much ornaments on it. It looks as if someone just threw all the things on one cake, yet the other one is just peachy! All green (combined with yellow, that works out perfectly with the color!) and fairy-like! I would expect seeing Tinkerbell soon ;)))

** I dearly hope one day each of you will manage to get to this magical place and try the macaroons and whatever your heart wishes ;) I was not repayed in any way for this post, I did it all out of love! So go there and tell me what you think! **

Yours truly,
A Ladybug that loves Tuffli sweets