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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Where To Have A Meal In Limanowa?

Dear friends,

Do you remember how last year I was telling you about Caverna? If not, let me tell you again :) Caverna is a new pub/restaurant open in Limanowa last year, in the wintertime, by my husbands biggest brother - who previously was a Chef for many years in the restaurant where we shall have the party for the wedding in August. Long story short, he wanted to start his own business with his wife and he did it! :)
The place is already quite popular in the area and people order out the food to their workplace and even do weddings and first communion parties there - as it is children friendly and they have a place specially setup where they could stay and play. The food is always fresh and it smells and looks amazing! You will see pictures below but to my shame we did not have time to order as we had to get home so my mother-in-law would feed us with goodies :)
Instead we had some coffee and orange juice and we got some extra sweets on the side ;)) They were fresh and very good and I loved the filling - smooth and melting in my mouth, my senses approved ;) We dropped by as we needed a safe and quiet place where we could write the invitations for the family - aunts and uncles included - without having the little ones on our head - I think I mentioned the devilishly sweet 5 small angels that loves us and they want to stay with us every second of our stay there... You know, you can't hand out an invitation with crooked writing or with dots from the pen... It needs to be perfect!
After writing the invitations - of course with the help of The Moose and The LadyBug that guarded us on the trip and made sure noone was bothering us while we wrote them - we checked the latest updates in the restaurant and I took the fish eye lens for a spin. I have to admit it: I am really bad with the manual focus on the lens... everything turns out so blurry that I feel ashamed :( Does anyone know any tips/tricks in regards to that?!
The LadyBug and The Moose helped out, of course!
Yum Yummy in the tummy :)
Anyway I guess that maybe in time I will figure it out - fingers crossed on that one! But just so you know, you can find this lovely restaurant open daily from Monday till Sunday from 11:00 to 23:00. The address is PIƁSUDSKIEGO 17, 34-600 Limanowa, Poland - and it is very easy to spot it from the outisde ;) You can have brunch, burgers, fast food - Pizza included, by the way ;) and all sortiments have family names :) - and also full meals, like the one you could see in the pictures above. All done by my husbands big brother ;)
The place is nice and cozy and even though it is children friendly it is not as loud as you would think. The music is nice and it is not that high volume so you would not understand eachother and the inside rooms are quite cool and nice during the summertime. I say it is worth your time and worth dropping by for a meal ;)
**This post was done out of love for my family - extended family - and I trust in my husband's brother and in his creative culinary skills! He managed to get me eating fish! and that, my friends, is a great thing to do! So if you are ever in the area, I warmly encourage you to drop by and taste something!**

Yours truly,
A Caverna Fan - The LadyBug