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Monday, 9 June 2014

An Unexpected And Very Pleasant Surprize

Dear friends,

Hobbies are a way to develop certain parts of our brain and make is feel happy when we perform them. When we enjoy doing something in our leisure time and we are not getting payed for it, and we do it just for fun, well... that, my friends, is a hobby! You enjoy doing this whenever you do it and it gives you somehow a feeling of growth or fulfillment. You do it voluntarly and you do it for pleasure. For me it includes taking photos, traveling and having this blog :)
My husband on the other side, has different hobbies and one of them is collecting postcards. He started this almost 2 years ago and now he has quite a wide collection, from most of the continents ;) He doesn't have Australia yet but hopefully one day we will have that one as well... or maybe we will just travel there and buy a postcard ourselves :)
This particular postcard came this weekend and it made me smile wide and remember times during my Master Degree. I finished my Master in Marketing and Business Communications in 2010. Oh, how I loved it! I loved every project that made me think and twist and turn my brain in endless possibilities... I miss studies until this day :) and I am happy I chose this subject as it was a pleasure to learn about it.
As you may know, projects though are done sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Well I had the most perfect team and we both had fun and work hard when we had to. My team was formed out of Radu, Mihai and me :) Radu is the most amazing driver I have seen. Only he could work out a Dacia (Romanian car) like he did. The way he twisted and twirled around the curves in the road makes me wonder until this day!
Mihai, on the other hand, was the potentially quiet one of the group. Both me and Mihai were in AIESEC and I must say this kid knew how to talk and present himself. The combination of the 3 of us was always a wonder :) 
We used to go to the Library in order to do the project but always we would deviate from the subject and end up laughing so hard that we were always on the point of being thrown out for disturbance. Now all 3 of us separately would behave, but when put together it was always great fun :)
A while ago I asked Mihai, when in Bruxelles, to send me a postcard for my husband as we had none from there. I always say that to my friends who travel and some do and some don't or just drop by and give us the postcard in person :) Well this weekend I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in the mail.
It was an envelope from Belgium and inside the envelope there was a postcard with a sticker from Mihai, saying hello from Belgium. He managed to put a wide smile on my face and made me remember the fun times we had during our Master Degree. Mihai, this post is dedicated to you! And when I will get to see you/meet you live, I shall hug your very strong :)
We both loved the postcard very much and my husband already added it to the collection. You made us both smile wide Mihai :) Come visit us when you can!
How about you, lovely people? I know it is Monday but let us think of pleasant things. What is your hobby? What do you love doing in your free time? Do you collect anything? How old is your collection and how big? What made you start it? I would love to hear your stories as well :)

Have a very lovely Monday!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug