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Monday, 16 June 2014

In Riding A Horse, We Borrow Freedom

Dear friends,

Aren't the horses the most noble creatures upon this God given Earth? I have always loved them, ever since I was a wee lass. Of course they also terrified me to bits, as I was so little and they were so big and my granny used to tell me they were so powerful that they could kill me with just one kick. To me they always looked so royal and simply breathtaking, no matter what they do - sit, run, work in the farm. And to make it more beautiful they come in so many shapes and sizes that everyone could have one, if only they would afford it. Taking care of a horse is a lot of trouble but they are so loyal and smart that it is as if you would have a friend beside you. When I was small, in my childhood, I used to go to my grand-grandmother and she would have horses for the field and I remember trying to sit on one of them... he was so big and strong and I was so frightened! My sister was brilliant and she sit for the picture like a man, one leg on each side. There was no saddle! And when I tried I was so scared of falling that I ended up sitting "like a lady" with both legs on one side :)))
I was thinking the other day of the horses in Krakow. In the Main Square you can ride in the carriage - there are a lot of them, with different types of horses in all the colors possible, with cute lady-like carriages... I wonder sometimes how much rest they take and how well the people take care of them... Did you know that a horse typically sleeps 2 and a half to 3 hours a day?! For me horses = fredom and it hurts me to see so many of them trapped in an almost 24/7 job in all types of weather... On the other side, I feel that a horse is happy when someone rides him from time to time, it grants him connection with elements and there is some kind of transfer of freedom and knowledge of being a free spirit in the World from the horse to the rider - if you overdo it though, that is freedom no more...
Brahma was excessively sparing with earth, water, and fire.... The reckless expenditure of air and ether in his composition was amazing.  And, in consequence, he perpetually struggled to outreach the wind, to outrun space itself.  Other animals ran only when they had a reason, but the Horse would run for no reason whatever, as if to run out of his own skin.  ~Rabindranath Tagore
Four things greater than all things are, -
Women and Horses and Power and War.

~Rudyard Kipling, "The Ballad of the King's Jest"

How do you feel, my friends, about horses? Do you think they were made by God to run free and wild? Or maybe just to help us in our daily chores? Or even to take us in carriages all over the place? Do you like horseback riding? Have you ever tried it? Would you give it a shot? Or maybe you already tried that - in that case I would love to hear your stories :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Very Much In Love With Horses