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Monday, 2 June 2014

Keep Calm - It's Just A New Job!

Dear friends,

Let me tell you the Latest News: Today I am starting my new job! - in case the picture of this blog post was not clear enough :) I have quit my job in the corporation I have worked for almost 5 years and took the step up to the new bright future - fingers crossed, one has to think positive and not be frightened of the new things in ones life. I had no particular motive for leaving as everything at first glance was very comfortable and I knew how everything worked inside the desk, yet I wanted something more. I needed a challenge and here I am today: my first day at my new job!
I have not been a newbie for a very long while so when I think of it, this thought gets a grip on me and I start to panik. Then I think I have been in this spot previously, it is not my first job and I have been thrown into the unknown before. You just need to take a deep breath, count to 10 and think positive. Praying also helps a lot so you may want to try that. Speaking to someone up there, above you, who knows your next step and who had this planned for you ever since you were born can help you not to freak out and hyperventilate...
Here are some points one needs to take under consideration when starting a job (especially in the first day in your new workplace):
  • Be on time - the HR inside the company will let you know at what time you should be there so make sure you are there at that time. It is better to be 15 minutes early than 5 minutes late. Take into account the fact that you may need to go by bus/train and/or you will need to change transit. You may not know the way there or you may get lost so do your homework and Google things through or talk to people who know the area. Explore all the opportunities and if you want to be extra careful you can even take the same road one day and check on your phone how long it takes you to get from one place to another. Also make sure you are not there waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to early... like let us say you would be there 30-40 minutes before... I don't think that would be appropriate, so take a book with you and sit on a bench and read a page or two to make the time pass by and then be there 15 minutes before. Being way too eager can also be a bad sign for the people inside the company - or so I have read...
  • Be proper dressed - I think this should go without saying... make sure you are dressed according to the ocasion. No shorts, no sandals, no flip-flops, no cleavage. Nothing unproper! You should dress up business professional / casual, according to how you were informed by the HR Team. Don't wear clothes that are too tight on you or that are too revealing. Wear something comfortable yet according to the standards - make sure it is not stained, make sure it does not have any holes.
  • Pay attention - as one enters a new company, a new environment, there will be a lot of new things to learn. I am firmly aware that I will be bombarded with a lot of information that I will need to learn fast. Everyone has a different style of learning so I will tell you what I will do. For sure I will have paper and pen with me to note down all the things one has to remember. I will not be afraid to ask questions and ask for guidance if I will need it. People have a great capacity to learn and we are constanly doing that, every minute and every second. There is no shame in writing details and asking questions.This shows also that you are interested and willing to learn. From all the trainings I have held until now, I see that students/agents who ask questions and note things down are more likely to receive better grades and do well at the practical tests. 
  • Make contact with people - the human being was created for relationships, for communication. That is why God granted us 2 ears and one mouth - also that shows that we should listen more than we talk ;) We are born to have relations of all sorts, on different levels of friendship. I will work in a big company so I cannot just stay alone by my cubicle and do my job. I learned that inside the corporation I was part of almost 5 years. People around you will speak to you and you will have to speak back. Make friends, there is no point in being alone at work. You will have people you can get out for lunch, discuss projects and God knows what. Just don't be pushy and overwhelming. You ARE new inside the company, so don't push people and force yourself into their private space - trust me, everyone has that, even though the distance differs from person to person ;)
I for one will try to do this, but I was just wondering if you lads/lasses have any extra points... any other tips and tricks into getting on track with a new job? I can tell you I have already found the positive and negative side of having my new job: The Location.
  • Negative: long way to get there... Until now I used to walk to work for 20-30 minutes. Now I would have to walk around 20 minutes or go by bus for 5 and get to city center + take the train from there for almost 20 minutes or so => more time on travel to work.
  • Positive: and trust me, this weights more than the negative ;)  I will be able to read in the bus/train. I need to catch up with all the books I bought and did not have a chance to read and this way I would be able to read daily! :) How awesome is that! :)
So did any of you change the job recently? How did you lads/lasses cope up with all the changes? I would love to hear your stories and your thoughts on the subject.

Yours truly,
A Newly Employed LadyBug