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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Search For The Perfect Green Wedding Shoes

Dear friends,

You only have your one true wedding once in your life, and when you do it you will be entitled to make the decisions that you wish over how it will be and what you will dress up in. I think that 2 of the most important ideeas are:
1) You should feel comfortable in what you will wear and you need to fit perfectly into the dress/suit. You should be able to move freely and bend and twist and even jump if you wish to go wild :)
2) You should listen to what everyone else says but make up your mind what would be best for you. I have seen so many weddings run by the family of the bride/groom and those somehow ended up with a bitter taste from the couples side, as maybe sometimes they would have wished for something different...
This is not us, but it is an inspirational photo of what will come...
Of course you can't always get what you want but you can try to do your best - according to ones means - to get to the ideea/standard that you have in your mind. I think the most important thing in organising a wedding is the constant communication - exchange of feelings/thoughts/ideeas freely - between the future husband and wife. I am really glad/proud to say I have an amazing husband and he is the best in taking care of the wedding preparations :) I have a minus in not being able to speak Polish but he does it prefectly ;) We have just finished this week the Marriage Classes Before The Church Ceremony and last weekend we managed to buy the suit + find shoes for myself.
I always wanted to have 2 pairs of shoes for the wedding: one for the official photos and the wedding ceremony inside the church - and those would have to be high heels - and a pair for when I would be so tired of dancing that high heels would just kill me so I would need to change. To be noted that I wear high heels less than 10 times a year - due to my hight and the fact that I would be taller than Marek if I would put on higher heels :p Sorry honey! :*
Last Friday I went to the Romanian Embassy to put my papers for the passport and that was all the way in Warsaw, but I told you lads/lasses about that! :) In Warsaw I met a dear sweet friend and between putting the papers and waiting for them to have the lunch break and take my electronic signature and my fingerprints, we managed to go looking for wedding shoes. Kasia brought me to this magical land of shoes where I managed to find this very comfortable pair of white ballerinas/ballet shoes. They are made all out of leather inside and out and you can't even feel that you have them on :)
When I was thinking of the colors for the wedding I immediately knew what colors we would have: white and green. The invitations were made in these colors as well and the party place will be as well decorated as such. We had problems with finding Marek a bow tie in a regular green color so we finally went with black :( but when I bought the ballerinas white I figured out that some green color was missing from my dress - and nope, the green bouquet will not be enough :p
My husband was not very happy when he heard that I wish for green shoes, and tell you the truth I searched for a long while and either it was the wrong green color or not the right size or not leather. When I gave up and I almost thought of actually buying some regular white ones, I caught with the corner of my eye the color green on a shelf. We were passing by ECCO and these shoes were just there... waiting for me! I thank God for them as they are brilliantly perfect and as they are leather (also inside out!) they fit perfectly. Not to mention that I can use them after that in other ocasions ;)))
Now do tell me what do you think of them? If you had a wedding, how did your wedding shoes look like? Were they comfortable? What color did they have? Did they match the bouquet? Were they also green? I would love to hear from you :)

Yours truly,
A Happy LadyBug With Green Shoes