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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thoughts On Growing Old Gracefully

Dear friends,

I have always said that I would love to grow old but never at heart. When we are small, when we are wee lads and lasses we want to grow up as fast as we can and we want to fly out of the nest. We want to be 18 so we could make our own decisions. We think that being over 25 (not to say over 30!) is a great age and if we hear of anyone turning 40 than we think that that person is as old as Methuselah - in case you did not know, he is according to the Bible, the oldest person who lived upon this Earth (reaching 969 years...).  
Now as one grows older one sees the time differently... Do you feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter and that time just slips right through our fingers, just like sand? I do, for one! And I am not afraid to admit that I am growing old. It is not a shame and I believe that even though the body ages the mind can always stay young. I love to play and I love being a child. It helps me go through the hardships of life.
Last week, as I was on my way to a meeting with my brand new team at Pod Wawelem, I passed by Grodzka street (next to the Wawel Castle) and this gentleman here made me smile wide. I believe that he is a person who grew old gracefully, maintaining his youth in spirit. He was painting one of the churches and he was so absorbed in what he was doing that it made me stop and look at what he was doing. He was doing this for himself, for pleasure and maybe for relaxing purposes... I will never know, as I never asked. I just stayed there for a few moments and I observed him in silence...
As the great George Bernard Shaw said before: "You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing" - you should have seen him, being concentrated in his work. I believe that he was smiling. I believe that he was happy, or at least engaged in what he was doing. I pray to God that He will help me grow old gracefully, having always a smile upon my lips. I pray that everyone would grow old happy and blessed. I pray everyone would have a hobby into which one would pour its heart. What do you pray for?

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Believes In Growing Old Gracefully