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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Remember When We Were Kids And We Had Fun?

Dear friends,

Don't you, from time to time, miss childhood? Even a little bit?! I have moments in which I am thinking how crazy children are to wish they would be older. When we are small and inexperienced we wish to be grown ups and when we do grow up we wish to be small again. How fickle we are and how fast we change our minds. I for one want to grow old but never grow up. I want to have the sould of a child and remain happy inside. I want to be albe to have children and play with them and laugh with them and do certain stupid things with them. I wish for them to see me both as a friend and as a parent - according to case :) I wish that even as I grow older I could still be happy of the little things in life... Remember when we were small and we could be happy from a smile of our mother or from a bird singing or even from a cloud that would have a weird shape? I want to have that all my life...
A couple of weeks ago, we had the company picnic and I must admit it was fun and made me think of childhood. The picnic was split in 2: for adults and their children until 6 or 8 PM, I think, and after that there was a DJ and some disco music... Guess to which part we all went? That's right! For the fun time with kids. Seeing children running around free and with smile upon their faces always brings me in an awesome mood. They don't have worries and they are free to think what they will about the things around them. They speak freely and even though that may be considered as a bad thing, as you may be able to hurt ones feelings, they have a way of sticking with eachother in the end. Their worries go with the day and their anger flows away like butterflies. Oh, to be a kid is such a lovely thing! Grown-ups forget about having fun and smiling and somehow we think that the whole world sits upon our shoulders... How wrong we all are! Every single one of us is replaceable yet every one of us unique and important - what a paradox!
I have gathered in time things that take me back to my childhood and make them smile, and I am glad I did at least a few of those during our company picnic :) Here is a list of things that make me feel like a child again:
  • playing with bubble balloons and trying to get them as big as possible
  • eating cotton candy with your bare hands and licking your fingers in the process
  • reading comic books and smiling and laughing out loud when something went weird
  • trying to figure out figures out of clouds
  • thinking that clouds are actually mashed potatoes when I am in an airplane :) 
  • watching old movies I used to watch and rewatch when I was small - like Anastasia or Robin Hood: Men in Tights 
  • Singing along with my favourite musicals - favourite song Favourite Things from The Sound Of Music
This is just a short list, but trust me I have much more rolled upon my sleeve :) How about you? What makes you smile and think of your childhood? What games were you playing for fun? What gets you through the rainy day - I would love to hear that :) 

Yours truly,
A Kid Deep Inside - The LadyBug