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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Remember When We Were Little And Watched Sailor Moon?

Dear friends,

Do you remember when we were younger and we used to watch Sailor Moon? Scratch that out! I still watch episodes, from time to time, just for the fun of it. It helps me remember of my childhood when me and my sister and my cousin would eagerly wait for new episodes. When we were very little, at the very beginning, we used to watch them on RAI1 or some other foreign post. We would understand just a few words but the main idea was not hard to get ;) Then the national television started broadcasting it. It is so very weird listening to japanese movies with Romanian subtitles, where on RAI1 we would listen it in Italian :) Maybe that is why we understand more languages... being exposed since we were small to different languages helped. The children's brain is like a sponge indeed!
Taking into consideration that in the 80's - when it first appeared - there were not many good female characters, this anime was quite a hit. It had a main female hero + 4 faithful sidekicks ( + 3 additional ones with the 3rd Season). Based on the comics, the anime brought to life the main hero: Sailor Moon. As weird and crazy and twisted as she was, she was a role model for many girls my age when I was small. I did not want to be Sailor Moon. When the 3rd season appeared and Sailor Pluto came to scene, I was completely and helplessly lost. I wanted to be her: long, flowing dark-green hair and with the ability to stop time. She was smart and beautiful and she knew exactly what she was doing. Unlike Sailor Moon, who was always a mess. Kind hearted and friendly, but a mess nonetheless. 
I always loved how the anime looked. The colors were so vivid, the lines were so pure, the music was so lovely - I still have it wrapped around my brain, the intro and the finale. I loved how they all looked alike yet all were different, from their powers to the way they transformed to their wild personalities. Everything in this anime was very feminine yet strong and willing to make you fight and be one of them :) The plot is not one of the brilliant ones and the episodes basically have the same story line: some kind of evil person / villain plans to take over the world and spread darkness and the feisty ladies with Sailor Moon ahead, manage to save the day! :) But hey! The plot was written for children, for young girls around 1st - 4th grade, who wish to have some kind of role models in their quest to save the earth. Who doesn't want to fight like Sailor Moon for love and justice?! Who doesn't want to have friends around her, friends who care and would be willing to give their life for you? Sailor Moon taught me about friendship, about honor, about never backing out of a fight when you know you are right and also about protecting the weak. Have you ever watched Sailor Moon? If so, what do you remember? How did it change you? :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Called Herself Sailor Pluto