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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Thoughts Upon A Good Party - Polish Style

Dear friends,

Last weekend was quite a busy one, to tell you the truth! We had a party on Saturday and a picnic on Sunday and the time just flew past us and there was aweful Monday all over again! I sometimes think that the weekend should ocasionally be prolongued by a day or two, so one would have time for recess before the whole world comes caving in and reaching for your soul (in this case, for your time and patience while at work...). The parties last weekend made me think of Poland and the way things happen here VS. the way things happen back home - not much of a difference, to tell you the truth. In the core, Romania and Poland are very much alike - except of course for the heavy drinking of vodka and higher graded alchool on the Polish side VS. having some wine on the Romanian side.
 Now, in general, to have a good party one would need the below listed items:
  • Guests - very basic: if you wish to have a good, small party in which you will have a lot of fun, invite your close friends. Invite the ones you care about. Invite the people you truly want to have there, not the ones that you would have to - due to different reasons.
  • Food - this surely comes in handy at a drinking party (where alchool gets involved) as the more you eat the better would you be able to stand the liquids trying to attack your liver.
  • Liquids - now depending on the type of party, it could be alchoolic or not. But hey! If we are talking about both Poland and Romania, surely there will be some involved - be it wine or vodka, pick your poison according to the country you are in!
  • Entertainment - it could be anything from watching a movie to checking the semi finals for the World Cup @ footbal (like we did last Saturday) or even playing something on the console (Mortal Kombat is my personal favourite, tell you the truth!).
Of course there are some additional extra points that might come in handy, but I think the most important one would be talking to the neighbours and letting them know that there will be a party - so they would not immediately call the cops. Though, if you have a very persuasive friend you can get out of it without a fine ;) In Poland, as far as I could see in my circle of friends, the parties that are home-based are much rather loved than the ones based in the city. And somehow, each time we would get out in the city, we would both start it from a home-party or end it up with a home-party so to make the circle complete. I have to say though that I like the home-based-parties - you get to play the music you wish, drink the drinks you like (and cheaper than in a pub!) and go to a clean toilet without standing in a huge queue ;)
 In Poland it is customary to come to the home-party with your own drinks + food that can be shared (like popcorn, chips, crunchy things that go very well with beer and leave you wanting for more and more...). Sometimes, if the party is small and intimate, one would even cook and bring cakes :) For example, last Saturday we had some amazing cheesecake and lemon cake made by one of our friends when we went to visit ;) I love the sense of friendship and warmth developed in the home-parties. You get to talk more (without shouting through the songs and noise of other dozen people in a club) and you get to me more up-close-and-personal to each person invited. 
The thing about Poland and alchool is the fact that most men consider themselves judges of a fine drink, and for men the standard gift is alcohol. One must always drink from a glass, never directly from a bottle. As such, the standard to bring at a party would be a bottle of vodka/whiskey :) But that all depends on the party and the people invited ;) How about you, lads and lasses, have you ever met a Polish person? Have you ever been to a Polish party? Do tell me of your experiences :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug In Love With Poland :)