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Monday, 4 August 2014

It's All About Healthy Love

Dear friends,

A couple of weeks back Marek's smallest brother and his lovely girlfriend visited us. They brough to us something unexpected and tasty and yummy :) Asia's brother - as that is her name - just opened up a health food restaurant or, as some may name it, a slow food place. The location is simple to find as it is near the Grand Stadium Krakow - to be more precise you can find the heavenly place here: Józefa Ignacego Kraszewskiego 8, Krakow, Poland so just add that to the GPS ;)
Unfortunately I did not get there yet in person but what I saw on their Facebook page and on their Internet site really looks very appealing to me. Hence I shall take my lovely sister, mother and Granny when they will come here this week ;) The choosing of the furniture is just top notch and I love the lively colors that brighten up the place - they make one smile without even knowing :)
The shop/restaurant opened up its gates on Children's Day in June 2014. They specialize in healthy foods. So in the morning they offer a delicious breakfast or tasty sandwiches. During the later hours you can order a salad with delicious fresh ingredients or prepared potatoes. However, not only the main dishes are healthy Lowe worth recommending. For dessert, they offer unique cakes and smoothies. From what I could see online and talked to Asia they even have Wi-Fi & a small conference room for peaceful discussion or fun-time meetings with your friends. 
When you will open up their Internet Page you can see that their menu is spilt in 2, according to the name of the restaurant: Zdrowe Love = Healthy Love. A part of the menu is Zdrowe (Health) and another one Love. I believe that is simple and to the point and shows that they know what to deliver to the customers. But back to the yummyness :) Asia brought us one Zdrowe sandwich - which was meat and vegetable based - and one Love sandwich - which was very feminine and diet friendly and surprising to me as it has pears and cheese. Even now, when I think of it, my mouth waters :) We also had a muffin and some cake with summer fruits. All the cakes and muffins and tarts are not done with sugar and even though at first the bite seems strange, as you go it gets better and better and you feel the ingredients and you can see and smell the freshness upon them. I tell you lads/lasses, if ever you are in the area, you need to drop by and try the slow food from Zdrowe Love ;) 

Yours truly,
A Zdrowe Love LadyBug Fan :)