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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Little House on the Prairie + Wedding Thank You

Dear friends,

I don't know if you recall the 1980's TV Series called "The Little House on the Prairie", but if you do and you can visually recall it's settings you will have a small image of the place from where my adorable husband is from. Of course the location is not America but Poland - to be more precise, an almost mountain-like region that holds a lovely town called Limanowa. I always feel very much at peace when I go there and though I run around with Marek's sisters and brothers children I still get somehow back to Krakow battery charged inside my heart :)
I must convey my appologies to my lovely readers/friends/family as I did not write much/posted much about us lately but we were very much caught up with our very own Polish-Romanian wedding + my husband's big sister had the christening of her lovely baby girl. Her name is Kinga and she is as adorable as her sisters and I expect that she will be thoroughly taken care of by her older 3 sisters.
The wedding went very well considering the amount of stress that was bottled up in us. To my great shame/horror/sorrow I accidentally dropped my shoes during the first dance (I should have known that I am not made to wear high heels, even though I practiced in them for more than one month!) but I managed to kick them off fast, in order to finish the dance gracefully. The crowd was adorable when they started clapping/cheering/ovating :) so thank you so much for the support everyone :* You were all very adorable and we were glad to have each and everyone of you there, with us!
A special thanks goes to our families - to our parents + my amazing kick arse Granny! + our siblings and their better halves. Truly I have learned that language and space can be a barrier overcomed easily if people have big hearts. I would also like to thank my adorable "aunt from Canada" ;) who travelled so long to be with us and meet finally Marek in person :* Besides that I would love to give an extra bearhug for each and everyone of my friends who came from different parts of the world - from Romania, to United Kingdom, to Norway, to Holland and Czech Republic - I know that was hard for all of you and we appreciate what you did :) We love each and every one of you!
Even though time flies past us I remember the first time we brought one of our friends to Limanowa. The first reaction when she saw the place was to say that indeed this is "the freaking house in the freaking prairie". You could say it is in the middle of nowhere and to tell you the truth, the first time I went there with my awesome husband - we were just friends then - I kinda got panicked a bit... maybe a bit more! The place is surrounded by hills and forests and houses are scarce. His brothers/sisters drive 4x4 cars with good traction and I was scared out of my wits that I would be stuck there, where all people speak this funny language. Now I am no longer scared. Now it is home :)
I just wanted to share these thoughts with you and ask your story. Do you have a small house in the prairie? Do you have a place where you run to from time to time to charge your batteries? To my defense, all pictures were taken last weekend when we went to Limanowa for the christening. Don't ask for wedding pictures yet as I do not have them, I have a few from friends but when I will get the good stuff be sure I will share with you ;)

P.S. In case you were wondering why we don't go to Limanowa very often let me take all the blame. I am horrified of roads with constant twists and turns. Getting there takes around 1:30 min or maybe 2 hours, depends on road and traffic! But 3/4 of the way is hell... twist and turn just like in F1 Racing :/

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Married With An Awesome Kotek :)