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Sunday, 24 August 2014

We're Off For The Photo Session

Dear friends,

Please forgive me for writing so little lately. Tell you the truth I rarely have the time to sit down and think things trough in order to do a post. I keep getting loads of ideeas about what I should write and how I should write it, but that happens always when travelling to/from work and by the time I get home I would rather sit with my cute husband than sit more in front of the PC (than I usually do) and write a post. Thank you for understanding though :) If ever they would invent a machine attached to our brain that would transcript our thoughts, you would hear more out of me, but until then you need to settle for posts only once in a while :p
Due to my new job, I focus more and more on the processes and what needs to be done so I do not even have time to read my emails. When I come home the first thing I do is turn on the PC and check my emails and my Facebook - true, I may be addicted to it, but it is the only way I can keep contact with all my friends scattered around the world. I do belive the Internet was a very grand and fine invention but it should be used wisely and with measure.
We did not have our Wedding Photo Session yet so guess what?! It is happening right now, as you read these lines. I made this post in advance, yesterday afternoon. Today at around 3 AM we took off for the photo session with Mateusz W. - it will be done somewhere in the mountains and hopefully we will catch a nice sunrise :) of course I am betting my arse will froze (considering that we will be high in the mountains and I will be wearing only the wedding dress...) but I can tell you from now that I believe it is worth it :)
So for today, I am leaving you with some pictures from August 14th :) That was the day when we needed to relax and think of what we will do next after the wedding. It was a lovely warm Thursday afternoon and all our guests from abroad were safely delivered to their homes. We had a lovely long walk in the Main Market Square, where as usual there was a fair. I had not taken photos with the camera for almost 2 weeks so I took it with us. It was nice taking it out for a spin again :)
I particularly loved the stuffed owl (sowa in Polish language) cushions. They were small and cuddly and made in a lot of combinations of colors and patterns. You can see in the background also some kittens and other animals but I believe the owls were the most adorable ones ;) We also got to see people doing carvings and pottery. I always loved fairs, ever since I was a wee lass. For me they are fascinating, even though fairs attract crowds and people just love pushing and pulling...
After the walk in the city center we went to our very own special place: Bona - Ksiazka i kawa :) If you are not a fresh reader I believe that you may have seen pictures of this place on this blog more than once :) But that is just because we love this place. We can sit outside in the sun and Marek can smoke freely without bothering anyone, and I can always jump and have a look inside at books :p It is a win-win situation ;) They also have very nice lemonades and pretty good pierogi ;)
Another lovely part about this place is that it is right next to one of my favourite churches in Krakow - the very church in which we got married ;) The St. Piotr and Pawel Church. The place always reminds me of Vatican, as it has the 12 apostles in front, on the gate, as sculptures. It is the only baroque church in Krakow (I believe even Poland :) ) and it is also the church where John Paul the 2nd (The Pope) parents got married ;)
I know many of you are waiting for more pictures from the wedding and I promise you that as soon as I will get them from Mateusz - and this may take a while, considering that only today we are having the Wedding Photo Session - I will try and do some posts with the ones I like the most ;) in the meanwhile sit tight and relax, enjoy what is left of the summer and get prepared for Autumn :) Maybe you can even think about Christmas :p Or you could always plan a trip to Poland - Krakow and meet me :) What do you think about that?!

SMALL CORRECTION: We woke up today and got ready for the photo session but the weather was totally against us. We resigned and instead we sat and talked (and had several laughs) at 3 o'clock in the morning :) I don't regret that, I just regret that the weather lately in Poland is so unstable. We will give it a shot next week and see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I did not get to correct the post as it went live at 7:30 AM and I was heavily sleeping then ;))) but now, at 1:15 PM I was able to do so. Forgive me :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Wishes The Day Would Have 48 Hours