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Monday, 1 September 2014

The Official First Day Of Fall

Dear friends,

Here we are, on the very 1st of September - the first day of Autumn. As I was saying previously... where did the Summer go? and if you are from Poland, have you ever quite actually felt Summer this year? I kinda missed it. It somehow slipped through my fingers and I ended up in Rain Season :) Thank God we had lovely weather for our wedding! Now that Autumn is here next thing you know Christmas and New Year's are right around the corner, so you better tighten the belts and prepare the long Present List for all your family and friends ;)
During today's post you will see a couple of pictures I took a bit more than a week ago. In Krakow there is always something to see and fairs are happening every weekend almost in the Main Square, next to Sukienicce, or in the Small Square, in the back of the famous St. Mary Church (or as the locals say The Mariacki church ;) ) This time you could actually see people working on their trade - below you can see pottery and weaving. There was also a stage and people were performing traditional Polish songs - mainly from the Highland region. I managed to catch the kids before performing traditional Polish dancing and I took some sneak shots. The best ones were when an older lass was trying to put on red lipstick to the younger chicks :) Adorable!
Autumn for me was always like a poem. It is magical and lyrical. The weather makes you layer up like an onion but it is not so cold as to freeze your arse of in case you want to have a lovely long walk with your significant other. The colors of the trees everchanging from green to red to brown to yellow... The clouds shifting in the sky like it's about to rain and yet it doesn't :) True, the days get smaller and the nights get colder but you can always snuggle up with a good book and a good tea and drown your sorrow knowing that the weather complements your mood. The night and day reach an agreement and on the autumn equinox, day and night are of equal length. This signals the need to balance light and darkness within us.
Fall has so much to teach us. Just by watching the leaves on the trees change and eventually we see them falling slowly down, we can do a parallel between the life of a leaf and our own lives. As we watch leaves fluttering to the ground in the fall, we are reminded that nature's cycles are mirrored in our lives. We need to learn to let go of the things that hurt us and the things that are not in our reach. We need to understand that we can only change the world if we can learn to change ourselves. We need to release our burdens and open up to accepting ourself as we are. We are human, we come into this world, we grow up, we give birth to children, we grow old, we die and we await for what will happen next.
Autumn always reminds me that our body is not forever. It reminds me that we grow old and that we can grow old in a beautiful way. It may be the case that I make that connection due to the fact that I was born in Autumn, in October, but I prefer to blame it on how Autumn truly is, everchanging. The poet Wallace Stevens once wrote, 'Death is the mother of beauty.'We see Death as something we should be scared of, but I rather like the story JK Rowling told in the Deathly Hallows. We should welcome Death as an old friend and when it comes we should be ready and not scared of it. All in all, Death is just a new beginning.
Some people hate Autumn. It reminds them of cold coming, of school starting, of new chores to be done. But as Mary Poppins always put it: In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You just need to reach out to your creative side, to the child in you, and see where the fun resides. I can tell you I always loved when school started as it meant that there were new things to learn/to discover and more fun games to play with my collegues. True, I miss the 3 month long vacations, and I know it is quite a huge shock for many to stop having that time off and switch to the boring grown-up world where you have only 26 free days a year... but hey! Try to look on the bright side of live :) I know I always try that. It fails sometimes but sometimes it really works out :)
Paint me red, miss! :)
Cute Kittens :)
Now tell me, what makes you jump for joy at the sight of 1st September? What are you up to this Autumn? What are your plans? What will you be thankful for? And if ever God knocks upon your door and asks you what would your favourite season is, would you say Autumn? I surely would say that :) And I would say that seing Autumn shows me the wonders He created :) Why do you love/like Autumn? 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Autumn