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Saturday, 31 January 2015

58,812 total miles traveled... I want more!

Dearest hearts,

I think that everyone who knows me is aware that I have many loves/passions/hobbies. One of those passions is travelling and making reviews of the places I have visited - from the hotels/hostels to the museums to the places where we eat. I believe that once you know a place and you like it or not, it is benefical to share the knowledge for the people that might want to try the same things that you did.
That is how in July 2008 I started my account on TripAdvisor - after one of my favourite summers of my life, in 2007, when I went to the United States for 4 months... It was Heaven and Hell at the same time, but I loved it there! I can say that I had my first real job there - as I went there with Work & Travel - and if I could have the job I had there - the one at Polo Ralph Lauren - here in Krakow... mmm I would love it! it was fitted to my studies and my personality. Alas! Let us focus on TripAdvisor! as I was just about to tell you all about its wonderful opportunities :)
December 2014 STATS on TripAdvisor
Every month TripAdvisor sends me stats of my reviews. I have about 25 reviews = Senior Contributor Badge of the TripAdvisor community :) With 6 restaurant reviews, 18 attractions reviews, reviews in 6 cities (but mainly in Poland) and 10 helpful votes. I am the first reviewer of the Sukienicce cafe :) They have calculated my total miles traveled and it summed to 58,812; that means 9% of the world travelled. That ain't much, but it is more than some people dare to do... some people I know did not even exit their country! I have visited 41 cities in 15 countries! And through my whole year 2014, my 24 reviews have guided 19,319 travelers from around the world!
January 2015 STATS on TripAdvisor
I am constantly - since I started reviews for Poland, Krakow - in the top 2% of Krakow reviewers. My reviews are read on a monthly basis by over 1,300 users; and to tell you the truth, I am quite proud of that and I love what I am doing. I tried last year to focus more and more on presenting Krakow to my friends and to my friendly readers, and I hope each and everyone who reads this blog will get to visit Krakow at least once. If you are already in Krakow and/or planning a trip, you can always use the below links to more extensive reviews with my very own pictures of the places visited:
Yours truly,
A LadyBug Addicted To Travels/Reviews/Blog/Photography (all combined, if possible)