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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

77 Sushi - How To Eat Sushi

Dearly beloved,

In my life I have met people who were afraid to eat sushi and people who would eat it everyday of the week. I would not go that far, I will just say that I enjoy eating sushi and that I consider it a perfect meal especially if you are after a time where you over-stuffed yourself with various other dishes - mainly during Christmas/New Years Eve/Easter/Your Very Own Birthday. It is quite light and very much filling, plus you can practice not using a fork but the chopsticks and I always found that fascinating. Everybody seems to have their very own style of using chopsticks, so each time someone asks how I do it I show them but also let them figure out the best motion for them - I believe there is no one-way perfect-way to use them.
The nice thing about sushi and going to a sushi restaurant is the fact that you can feel relaxed and very much at home. If you do not know how to use chopsticks, using your hands is acceptable. Also, if you are first timer, I recommend you to start with cooked fish - usually anything with shrimp and clams are cooked - or the fish-free versions - be it cucumber, avocado, pomgrenates, you name it! Also what you need to know is that you should not put a lot of soya sauce... you should, but I love it so much that I always end up dipping it too long! You should take the sushi, roll it and dip it with the part of the fish, so the soya would not destroy the rice... I always fail, but it is fun either way!
A lot of people don't know about ginger and just leave it aside thinking it is part of the dish. Oh, no! Don't do that! Ginger - aka the thin, pinky pieces rolled into one - is your best friend! You eat it between the several types of fish in order to clean your taste buds ;) also you may notice a green little mount on the plate = wasabi = be careful! it's spicy and it burns! put it in small quantities in the soya sauce and mix it for a little bit of extra kick! Also, when you are using soya sauce it is better - at the beginning - just to put bit by bit, as it is a disgrace to waste soya sauce! so until you don't know yourself and your limits, stick to smaller portions :)
The Sushi Restaurant I will tell you about today is located on ul. Sw. Anny 5, Krakow 31-008, Poland and it is named 77 Sushi :) On TripAdvisor it is listed as #583 of 902 Restaurants in Krakow, not that bad, but I still believe it should be rated higher. Considering that Miyako Sushi is #468! We were quite satisfied with Miyako Sushi as even though it was posh - located in the heart of the City at Galeria Krakowska, exactly in the middle of the mall - the sushi was quite decent. I, for one, really liked the Miso Soup there! 77 Sushi is a nice place to meet with friends and have a decent and light meal. There are not many vegetaria/vegan places - as far as I know - in Krakow, so I was happy to bump into this one.
We had very nice green tea with fruits - around 8 zloty & we combined a plate from which 3 grown people ate :) You can see here the full menu for Krakow/Poznan. If you wish to have sake, around 250 ml costs between 30 and 40 zloty. My very own favourite soup: misoshiru is around 13 zloty - common mistake: the soup should be drank last, after the rolls! Set Sake Ten with 12 pieces - 6 with salmon futomaku + 6 with salmon and avocado = 37 zloty. 
Theoretically you can pay both cash&card there but when we were in there were some troubles with the POS so it is better to have some cash with you, just in case. Either way, if you don't have it it ain't that bad, especially if you are with someone, as you can make a run for it to the nearest ATM machine and extract how much you please - don't forget you are maximum 2-3 minutes walk from the Main Square, where you have a bunch of them to choose from ;) There is no seating outside, just inside, and you can make reservations ;) We recommend it for a cute and cozy dinner with friends ;)

** This post was made out of love for the food we had. I was not repayed in any way by 77 Sushi and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Enyoys Sushi