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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Krakowski Festiwal Komiksu - Krakow's Comics Festival

Good day lovely people!

You may not know this, but Krakow held this year - between 13th and 15th of March 2015 - the Krakowski Festiwal Komiksu - Krakow's Festival of Comic Books. The event was traditionally held in Arteteca Provincial Public Library in Krakow - this year it was the 4th edition. Until now I did not manage to go - each year due to various reasons - but this year I managed to break around 30 minutes to have a look about the place. I was sad immediately I did not have much more time and that I did not bring the regular camera with me - all pictures from here are taken with my dear Samsung Galaxy S4.
On March 13-15 the people that came to the fair could meet fans playing cosplay, cartoonists, writers, editors, reviewers, and theorists of this medium. Among the attractions there were: meetings with authors, lectures devoted to various topics, films, exhibitions, exchange comic, cosplay and more. The youngest participants of the festival also had a special workshop.
The guests of the KFK included: Uli Oesterle ("Hector Umbra"), Stephen Collins ("The gigantic beard that was evil"), Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz ("uprising. In a day, for two"), Jacek Świdziński ("Event. 1908" ), Sebastian Skrobol ("Quiet Little Melody"), Saul Płóciennik ("Pinki"), Tomasz Samojlik ("Shrew Destiny"), Dominik Szczęśniak, Daniel Grzeszkiewicz, Catherine Babis, James Syty, Marcin Surma Surma Przemysław, James "Dem "Dębski, Rafal Szłapa and many other guests.
Paintings live of comic book heroes - right at the entrance to the Public Library
The entrance was for free and you could visit all the floors of the library, where different events were hosted - inside the Krakowski Festiwal Komiksu - Krakow's Comics Festival schedule. Krakow Comic Association was founded in 2012. The main objective of the operation is to popularize comics and related fields, Babysitting Malopolska Comics Studio (internal department Regional Public Library in Cracow), education of children, youth and adults in the knowledge of the comic and the organization of the annual Krakowski Comics Festival.
The Association brings together artists, collectors and enthusiasts interested in the comic book medium of all ages and is open to people who like comics, manga, graphic novels, and would like to activate a socially and culturally. I love these type of events and I must admit I put it to the list for next year to come again, for more than 30 minutes, and take more pictures! :) And if you wish to know more about the organisation, feel free to read more on their Web Page and Facebook Page - unfortunately not in English but they are quick to answer ;) 
P.S. You know you are having a #perfectday - even if it's raining cats and dogs! - when a Starship Trooper shows you the peace sign when you are preparing to take a picture of him #krakow #alwayssurprising #komicskrakow #cosplay

** This post was made out of love for comic books. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! ** 
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