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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The One And Only Romanian-Polish Wedding Party

My dearest hearts,

Do you remember the traditional custom in fairytales when the princess used to have the wedding with the prince, and the festivities would last for 3 days and 3 nights? Of course this happens also in real life and I think that is fabulous - being able to celebrate, in front of the world, the love you have for your significant other. On the other side of things, this could be quite discomforting and you may remain drained out of energy by the 2nd evening / 2nd day of the festivities. 
Being an expat allows oneself to indulge, when it comes to weddings. Especially if you have an understanding and awesome husband as I do. It would be quite impossible to get all the people we love and our dear friends together, in one go - in one day. So guess what we decided? Why have one wedding party when you clearly can have 3 & not all at the same place and at the same time! Plus, it gets funny if people star asking about your wedding and you end up replying "Which one?!" :) - the confused face people make is priceless! My sister, for example, had great fun telling her collegues from work that she needs to attend her sister's wedding, the 3rd one, with the same man :))
Again, a huge THANK YOU goes to Mateusz W. for the lovely pictures from the Polish Wedding
I came to Poland - to the magical city of dragons, named Krakow - almost 4 years ago. I was supposed to stay here only for 6 months, build some international work experience for my CV and then move on, to maybe United Kingdom... that was the plan! In truth, there was this lovely and enchanting Polish lad who managed to make me fall in love and I have stayed here ever since. 
If you will ask us about our wedding date, we may give you different answers - and that is not because we do not remember the date! That is due to the 3 days and 3 nights wedding, which we actually split during 3 years = 3 parties * one day and one night each :) It was way more convenient:
  • The Mini - Bachelorette Party :) - should we actually count this one in as well? That might raised things to 4 days/nights instead of 3 ;)))
  • The Civil Wedding & Civil Wedding Party (one for family & one for friends) - was done in Poland, Krakow - with a lot of paperwork nonsense that we had to fix, as apparently even though both Romania and Poland are part of the EU there is not much help when it comes to bureaucracy... - we already celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Civil Wedding :) - 7th December 2013
  • The Church Wedding & Wedding Party =  The One And Only Polish-Romanian Wedding Party - Poland, Krakow & Laskowa - Saturday, 9 August 2014 - at my second fav church (after St. Mary's Church, in the Main Market Square) named Peter & Pawel, on Grodzka street, on the way to the Wawel Castle - the church is the very same one in which St. Pope John Paul the 2nd's parents got married :)
  • Last but not least, the 2nd Wedding Party - The One And Only Romanian-Polish Wedding Party - Friday, 24th April 2015 - that will take place in Iasi, Romania - having one party in Poland and one in Romania always sounded fair as wel knew we could not get everyone at the same place at one. Especially that getting to Krakow, from Iasi, is quite a challenge!
When it comes to the Wedding & Parties in Poland, I must admit that my awesome husband took the lead and he was the one taking care of venue, getting the DJs and I was in charge of the photographer - which, I have to add, is brilliant and got recommended by a good friend of ours; his name is Mateusz Wojnar and I am sure if you will choose him you will never regret it! He knows how to work with people and make you laugh and smile and feel comfortable. Mateusz works with natural light and gives you the liberty of expression and I believe that is very important - he comes with the ideas but you work together, as in a partnership :)
When it comes to the Wedding Party in Romania, it was supposed to be all on my plate - helped remotely by my mum and sister. I must admit I have to extend a huge THANK YOU! to my amazing mother, who helped me along. I only took care of the list of guests online and helped pick the band & photographer. The rest was all on her plate and she managed it wonderfully - I could not have asked for more :) This Monday we had the menu tasting and what she picked was yummy so I can hardly wait for morrow, to have fun with family and friends. The party in Romania will be half the size of the one in Poland, and as a lot of my aunts and uncles could not make it for the Polish one, I am happy I shall see them now :) It will be much more intimate and we will have more time to speak and dance with everyone. Hopefully all will run smoothly, so keep your fingers crossed ;)

P.S. Last time I totally messed up the first dance, when my shoes just came off and I had to kick them away. This time I am wearing a different - shorter - dress so maybe they will not get caught up... Fingers crossed everyone!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug & The Happy Lovely Polish Lad