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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Iasi: Popas Pacurari - The Romanian-Polish Wedding Location

Dearest friends,

Coming back today on the topic of the 3rd Wedding Party - the Romanian-Polish one, celebrated in Iasi - I will tell you today about the lovely and cozy place we finished the wedding madness :) The place where out 3 year-long-wedding-party ran its course: Complex Popas Pacurari - Iasi - Romania. A few days ago I was telling you about the lovely busy bees that worked upon my wedding bouquet - today we will speak about location, location, location :)
Complex Popas Pacurari  is well known in the city and everyone that knows Iasi heard at least once about it. It is located at one of Iasi's entrances and consists of 2 parts - one bigger area for weddings and other bigger parties & a smaller restaurant area. Also, in the last year, they have been working on the terrace and now - when we went home, in April - it was a pleasure just to sit there and bask in the sun, while sipping on fresh lemonade.
Freshly renovated and modernised it was the perfect location to host our small wedding party - with friends and very dear family. We had the celebration in a room that - I truly believe - could host over 150 people without any issues, yet it managed to hold 50 people - in our case - without making it look gigantic. When we started on the wedding party guest list we thought we would have around 70 people, so we started looking for big locations but Popas Pacurari won. We had a dear friend working there and she was of immense help, so the decision was clear for us :) I remember this was not my first encounter with the place - my party at the end of Highschool & a friend's wedding took place there as well, so I had good previous experiences as well. The thing I remembered very well, and remains the same until this very day, was the food - traditional, filling and delicious & in very decent portions!
Papara Taraneasca / Papanasi / Limonada (lemonade) & Ciorba de Potroace
The Complex Popas Pacurari serves from breakfast - they make a mean traditional dish with sausage, red paprika, oven baked potatoes with spices, lovely yummy bacon, traditional Romanian mamaliga and very salted yummy cheese + fried egg on top = papara taraneasca = 14 RON (almost the same amount of zloty) - to lunch to dinner - drinks included, if you wish - I am not much of a drinker, so I recommend you the fresh lemonade ;). There is a small parking lot in front of the main entrance, so if you come by car you can park there or you can take a cab. At the time when we had the wedding party - April 2015 - the taxi fare from my home - city center - to the Popas was around 10-15 RON.
Pictures taken of our wedding menu, when we tasted it :)
Popas Pacurari offers each couple that chooses them for their wedding:
  • The decorations of the room - except the flower arrangements, which in our case were done by the lovely ladies from Klipa Creativ Pozitiv
  • The Wedding Cake - Popas Pacurari works with 3 big local companies that can provide the cake of your dreams, fitted to your needs - we choose Cofetaria Cremish and they make a delicious lemon & fig cake! 
  • Cakes & fruits - on each table or on a separate one
  • A Keg of 50 litres of beer - that will stay outside on the patio and everyone can serve as they wish
  • Greeting the guests with champagne & sweets covered in chocolate
  • Fireworks for the first dance & the cake - be prepared to let the team know of the exact time when you want them there ;)
  • Decorated glasses for the bride and groom & for the godmother/father
  • The box for the money/gifts
  • Arcade & red carpet at the entrance
  • Matrimonial Room - Popas Pacurari has 2 small houses in the back, that can host even guests from abroad. The matrimonial room we had was comfortable - and I am quite picky on the beds, as I often get back issues - and we had a very good morning sleep there. We woke up on our own around 10 am and we checked out by ourselves :) I suggest you take it and have a short nap before you get home... you will feel refreshed ;)
The menu needs to be confirmed as soon as possible, as a week before the wedding you will have to try it out and make the final changes. We - Marek & myself and Mum :) - managed to do the testing on Monday, less than 5 days to the wedding - the wedding was Friday evening ;))) but we did not wish to change a thing. Everything was delicious! There are around 8 festive menus from which you can pick & choose & combine. My personal fav was the first hot meal: turkey medalion with grapes & wild rice & sour cream sauce - as I think of it now my mouth waters...
You can contact the team about any future reservations on their Facebook profile or check out their Internet Page - but that is only in Romanian language, so it is better to just drop a line on Facebook ;) The prices are more than reasonable and the staff is very nice - the team that served us on the wedding was always asking us if we are ok and coming to us in case any decision needed to be made (when to put fireworks and so on...). If you choose them, let me know how it went & if you have any questions regarding our experience, please feel free to contact me :)

** This post was made out of love for good home-made food - made in Romania :) I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! ** 
DISCLAIMER - All pictures were taken with the camera from my Samsung Galaxy S4, no filter and no modification - Copyrights reserved :) For more food pictures, with better light, you can go on their Facebook profile

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Enjoyed Being Hosted by Complex Popas Pacurari - it was my pleasure telling you about them :) Share the love! Pay it forward!