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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Home-like Apartments in Kraków - Zamkowa 15

My dearest readers,

Krakow is the perfect place to have a weekend day-trip but for sure you will either extend your trip or wish to come again, as soon as you possibly can ;) That's how this city is... it grows on you! Bit by bit until you absolutely fall in love with it. But to know the city more, you need to be as close as you can to the spirit of the city. For that the best option would be to rent an apartment, if possible in the old town or the district called Kazimierz.
Now fortunately for you I shall be telling you about one of these options today: Zamkowa 15 - that would totally match you needs ;)
Zamkowa 15 is located just across the Vistula river from the Wawel Castle, and a mere 20 minutes walk to the Main Market Square. Located on the bank of the lonest river in Poland - Vistula river -  it is also very close to the historical Jewish district Kazimierz; just 10 minutes walk. The building has been newly renovated in 2013, and you can see the pictures below as how it used to look like. The renovation work is wonderful on the building and from the moment you get to your apartment it truly feels like home!
The renovation started in 2013
The building in August 2015 - fresh as a daisy :)
We were hosted in one of the double room apartment - apartment 4, to be precise, on the first floor. The check-in begins at 2 pm and the checkout ends at 11 am. Downstairs, at ground floor, the reception is open between 8:30 am and 12:30 afternoon. But don't worry if you can't make it ;) you can discuss it through with the lady who will help you in the booking or contact them via their Facebook Page and see if you can setup an hour when they would wait for you at Zamkowa 15, to handover the key.
Cozy chairs in the corridor area - each had a different color and shape
The entrance area
If you are new in Poland - in Kraków - you may wish to save this address in the memory of your smartphone: - fear not, it is bilingual: Polish - English and allows you to find tram and bus timetables. It also has an online app that you can download. It will come in handy ;) I use it almost on a daily basis! The closest bus stop - just 2 min walk from the apartment - is "Konopnickiej". If you need tickets you can buy them from the tram/bus as there are automates - make sure you have coins for that ;)
The ALL WHITE Bathroom - Towels included
The apartments here in Zamkowa 15 have their own bathroom and kitchen attached. If you wish to cook for the whole stay, you will have everything you need - pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, glasses ( including ones for wine )  and appliances like microwave, boiling water kettle, espresso machine. For the bathroom you even have a hairdryer inside the closet; in the room, you can find an iron and a table for ironing. It's perfect! No need to stress about packing all that out. All you need to pack is just clothes.
You can cook your own food and buy things from the local market or the Jubilat store, just across the bridge. If you cooking skills are like mine,  you can choose from the high number of restaurants in the area: for breakfast and lunch you could try Zupitto - very close by, across M. Konopnickiej street, on Magdalinskiego street; open from Monday to Saturday. Zamkowa 15 also recommends the Pizza Garden pizzeria - on Konopnickiej - and Restore - 4 Konfederacka street. If you like Zupitto, Zamkowa 15 also offers breakfast delivered to your room, from the restaurant, for 20 PLN ( Monday to Saturday). Aaaaaand... if you are too lazy to do room cleaning, you can order that for 30 PLN ;)
What you need to know and remember is that you must keep silence in the building between 10 pm and 7 am, so no parties allowed! Also smoking inside is strictly forbidden. The fee is 150 PLN for each time you will be caught. If you come with your laptops / palmtops / smartphones worry not! There are plenty of chargers in the room and there is free Internet, password protected. Each room has a small booklet with rules and instructions and you can find the name and password for the Internet listed there.
Details about each apartment can be found on their  Internet Page - with details of the price
When it comes to the web presence on social media, I must admit Zamkowa 15 also got that covered. I have found them through their Facebook Page and they post quite often there pictures of the place and things you can do in Krakow - for example in August you can see Tour de Pologne, each year ;) You can also get to them through the Internet Page - or through other booking platforms. If you prefer writing them an email, you can drop them a line at ;) If there is one thing I would trully recommend is having an Instagram page where they could share details of the place & maybe having a physical guest book at the entrance :)
TripAdvisor ratings on Zamkowa 15 - August 2015
To draw up a line, in order to show you how the customers feel about the place, I can tell you that on their Facebook Page rating they have 5 out of 5 stars from their reviewers - 25 people marked it with 5 starts and one with 4 stars. On TripAdvisor, my old friend, the company looks as good as ever: again 5 stars out of 5, with 38 reviews and listed as #14 out of 249 Hotels in Krakow ;) If you are looking for a perfect couple place to rest your head while visiting lovely magical Krakow, if you want it to be across the Vistula river, just a mere 15 min walk from the castle, if you wish to have your own fully equiped kitchen... Zamkowa 15 is the one for you ;) 
The location of the Zamkowa 15
We recommend it with all our heart. People are nice and helpful, the free WIFI is fast and works well, the beds are comfortable and the only 2 minuses I could see are: the lack of air conditioning (but they do have very good ventilators that make up for it) and the lack of parking spaces (now you have to make do with the public ones, but they DO have in plan building an underground parking lot ;) so I like how they think ahead!). If you get to Zamkowa 15 let us know what you think :) or if you have any other questions please let me know and I will be glad to help you.

TO BE NOTED: The Apartments on Zamkowa 15 are pet friendly and family friendly. They also allow dogs - big dogs too - and have baby cots that you could rent ;) 

PRICES: For our apartment - Room 4 - between April and October you can pay 220 zloty if you come alone or 260 if 2 persons checkin (this is a double room) & between November and March you can pay 170 zloty per one person - 200 zloty per 2 persons. We recommend booking the rooms through Booking.Com ;) 

** Sponsored post but written from the heart, without any external influences**

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug - whom will always test places out before recommending them to her reader friends :) The LadyBug approves of Zamkowa 15 :)