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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Good morning everyone!

This Tuesday, while I was sipping on my grean tea at work and checking out my emails, I heard a buzz from my phone - I could figure out it was most probably an update announcement on Facebook or Instagram so I just let it be. When I checked a few moments later, it was actually a Twitter notification: Irene from Away from Tenerife had nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. To tell you the truth, until this week I have never heard about this blogging award before, so I was "forced" into google-ing it :) The definition of the award states that the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.”
There are a couple of things one should or should not do, but hey! Rules are meant to be bent and broken :) So I will share with you only a few ideas of how the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award works:
1) You should give thanks to the blogger that nominated you - My dear Irene from Away from Tenerife, thank you so much for the shout-out and the opportunity to join the Sisterhood. If I could, I would like to meet each and everyone of the ones nominated. The fact that you saw in my blog a unique voice encourages me. My readers are my friends & my friends are my readers :) 
2) Give answer to the questions provided by the nominator - will do so below, faithfully and from my heart. 
3) Nominate fellow bloggers that you believe fit for the Sisterhood and ask them to reply to the questions - this is a tough one, as we should (theoretically) nominate only travel bloggers. I refuse to close the circle so I nominate these 5 fine ladies, that I love to read (and sometimes even re-read):
  • Tania from Rowdy Fairy - I just love this lady, and it's a pleasure checking out her blog. She has very nice travel posts and her blog is very much down-to-earth. 
  • Bonnie Rose from A Compass Rose - a fellow expat bloger and third culture kid. I love her photographs and I just wish one day I would travel as much as she did... Bonnie, come to Poland, come to Krakow! I would be a perfect tour guide ;
  • Kasia from .coeurs de foxes - I just love this little lady! She is the single Polish blogger that I follow with great enthusiasm! I love her style, I love her pictures and I wish that one day I will meet her in person. She even has a book published! (unfortunately it is in Polish :( so I cannot read it). For me, she resembles a fairy :) Her blog is bilingual - Polish/English and I recommend it with all my heart!
  • Gentri Lee - as she auto-recommends herself in her adorable blog, she is "the shortest fashion blogger you will ever know" :)  she is adorable, dresses up lovely, has a fun way of writing her ideas and adds up nicely done photos. She is also a make-up artist and she manages to look flawless in every close-up. 
  • Jana from jana mARTish - Jana lives in Slovakia and does analog photography. She blogs about the beauty of life, and even if I do not understand what she writes I follow her for the pictures she takes. She creates lovely compositions and she is one of the few bloggers I am actually subscribed via email. I always await for her snippets of life :)
Here are the answers to Irene from Away from Tenerife's questions:
The Polish Pieniny
1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging first for myself, to tell you the truth... For 2 reasons: first, I was upset on Facebook taking the rights over the pictures I was posting and second, was the same questions from different people that I used to get. More than 4 years ago, I left my homeland Romania - and my beloved city, Iasi - to come to this magical place in Poland, called Krakow. I wanted to keep in touch with friends but they all asked the same questions, so in time I got tired of saying the same stories - I opened a blog where everyone could read when they wanted to, and see what new things I have done and what I am up to. The questions still come, but now they are different as everyone wants to know different details :)
St. Peter and Paul Church - Krakow
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
That is a tough thing to say, but I always felt at home and at peace in Greece. I love their food, their history, and I always felt welcomed there. I also loved Philly... I loved the old feeling about it, the red brick buildings, the museums that were beggining to be visited and discovered inch by inch... I also enjoyed Barcelona, but it is so noisy that I think living there would have been a pain, especially with all the tourists poking about the place :) For sure it would be interesting living in Zurich, in Switzerland, as teh economy is very good, the cities are clean... Actually Zurich reminded me of several cities I visited so it felt also very much like home. It's hard to pick, from so many options!
Wawel Castle - Inner Court - Krakow
3. What is the best piece of travel advice you have ever received?
Not to forget where HOME is :) But that is a tough one for expats. I always say that HOME is where your heart is, and if your heart is in a million places than your HOME is actually the World :)
4. Where did you have your best meal ever?
I think that I can whole-heartedly say that every meal I have ate in Greece was amazing. I was eating daily things like greek salad, mousaka, tzatziki and loads of dishes with fresh sea food. I love sea food and if it would be possible I would eat it daily! So Greece was the place for me, when it comes to the best meal ever ;)
5. What is your most memorable holiday or trip?
I would say that my most memorable holiday/trip would be the USA road-trip I had in 2007. My favourite city was Philly and I loved every minute of that trip. We were 4 young and wild children (3 girls and a boy), on our first Work&Travel job in the USA and we wanted to visit everything if possible... We even ended up on the Canadian border, at Niagra Falls, without noticing it ;))) It was the trip that most probably gave me The Flight Travel Bug.
Paralia Katerini - Greece
6. What is the one thing you cannot live without when travelling?
Oh, without a doubt, that would be my camera. I am addicted to it! Photography, for me, is like a drug. I remember being a wee lass, even before school, and packing up things for the travels with the family. My first camera was a Konica Minolta. I was in charge of buying batteries, film... and taking pictures... I just wish I would know how to make pretty pictures, like the other bloggers... but I never have the proper time to learn :(
My very favourite picture taken from the Vatican :)

7. Is there a souvenir you always take home from your travels?
YES! :) We always buy 2 magnets + 2 postcards - one for us, for our collection, and one for my Mum & Granny - I always send them postcards from where I am going, ever since I can remember.
If ever in Italy, make sure you get to Rome ;)
8. Who is your go-to travel buddy?
My awesome Polish husband :) Even if he hates travelling, he travelled more than any person I know. I am jealous but what can I do?! We always have some travelling plan, and when we finish a trip we already have another one in mind.
9. Are you a spontaneous traveller or do you prefer to plan everything in advance?
I would love to be more of a spontaneous travel, but I love to plan and have everything in order, so... not really :) I would love to be able to just jump in a train and let it lead me into the unknown, into brand new adventures, but that is not quite my thing. We do have a degree of spontaneity in the cities we travel, especially when my awesome husband misreads the map and I get to redo the route :)
10. Where are you traveling next?
I would not quite consider it "traveling" but I will go, for almost 2 weeks in September, to Romania.  I will go to my hometown, for a dear friends wedding. I was actually their matchmaker, so it is a must! I can hardly wait to see my family and friends & I really hope for nice weather :)

Have a lovely Saturday, dear hearts! Enjoy the last weekend of August 2015 and get prepared... Winter is Coming! :)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Her Fellow Bloggers :)