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Friday, 23 October 2015

Movie Time: The Intern - Or How People Still Have Music In Them

Dear friends,

**WARNING!!! This post contains a review of The Intern. It may turn out to be an extensive post so please grab yourself a cup of tea and a warm blanket and Enjoy! Be careful and read not this post if you did not see the movie, it is a huge spoiler ;)**

As long as one has music in himself, in his soul, one cannot help playing. It is true, instrument players - professional players - do not retire. They live on their life's by making music everyday. It does not matter that they no longer do it on the stage, in front of people. They may give lessons for further generations but they never quit, they never drop their instrument once they retire. Music flows through their veins and it is a part of whom they are. They stop only when there is no more music in them. If there is one thing, for sure, that I will keep with myself after watching the movie The Intern, is the fact that we can always do something with our life, no matter the age, if you believe in yourself - you are kind - and you still "have music in you".
I have watched the newly released movie, The Intern, at the beginning of this month at Cinema City in Kazimierz, with a dear sweet friend of mine. Some may name it a "chick flick" movie just because the main character is a lady running - successfully, if I may add - it's own company. Let me mark that down: an online shopping site that grew from a one lady - show to 200 employees. As Jules, the leading character played by the Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, was stating right in the middle of the movie, you cannot name a site sexist / feminist / chick's site just by generalising the fact that only women buy online! Same goes for chick flick movie status! I think it is a lovely comedy with 2 amazing actors that are terribly and wonderfully old-school: Anne Hathaway (Jules) & Robert de Niro (Ben).
I was surprised and saddened that they both were not the first choices for the part. The chemistry that they have on & off screen is lovely. You can see throughout the interviews the respect that they have for one another. The storyline is simple: Jules is a rising manager with a company in Brooklyn. She owns an Internet page for online shopping. Overall headcount of the company = 200 employees = a log of department and a lot of fuss for Jules. It was quite funny and sad at the same time seeing her ride the bike in the office (instead of walking) just to save time... The growth of the company makes people believe that they need a director to manage the things and keep Jules on the creative side.  The issue is that this might not be what Jules wants nor needs.
Entering the scene Ben - male, widow, retired, around 70 years old. He tried everything to keep himself busy yet he cannot stand being alone in the house. Not while there is still music in him! Now one day, while grocery shopping, he sees an add for "Senior Internship" - that's right! At Jules company! He applies and he is one of the 4 new interns - 3 seniors and 1 regular you intern. But that is nit all, he gets to be Jules 's intern! And this is where all the fun begins!

What I loved about this movie:
- the actuality of it - I felt for Ben when he was trying to open up the Mac for the first time... I am extremely proud to say that my mum and granny both have smartphones and tablets. They have their very own Facebook accounts that they use on a daily basis - both for fun/ pleasure but also for keeping in touch with me and my sister, as we live abroad. I know how hard it is for people to change from one system to another. But I was told that precisely this is what keeps the brain alive :)
- the somewhat - continuity of Ben's job - I loved Ben's connection with the old Brooklyn brick house where Jules 's company is currently residing. Ben used to work in the same building for several dozen if years, until he retired - they used to do phone books there. He knows every nook of the place and now he has come back to it. It must feel very much like home...
- Ben's old fashioned way of being - I love the old school chivalry, when men would escorted women, open the door for them, bring them flowers and smile delicately. There is a scene I really love when Ben explains why men carry around with themselves handkerchiefs. They never use them themselves so why do they bother? The handkerchiefs are carried for the ladies, in case they would need help - the delicate sex will always cry at a sentimental movie, for example :) I also love the scene where we get to see Ben's house, and especially his wardrobe - spotless and neatly arranged, with drawers and hangers that display all items. The way he chooses his wardrobe each evening and prepares it for the next day... people don't do that anymore!
- the difference between men and boys - or the difference between Ben and all his other colleges that have no clue what style is, even though they work in the fashion online environment. Wear s shirt, tuck it in, use a tie! Those are some of the things that Ben teaches them ;) even Jules asks the question that for a long while was in my mind as well: "where are the men nowdays?" where are the men like Cary Grant or Harrison Ford? And why are we breeding only "boys"? Sad, but true, isn't it?
What I didn't like about this movie:
- the script, on some parts of the movie... it seemed a bit lacking even though the story is definintely credible / plausible and attractive to a wide audience (from baby boomers to millenia children)
- the sexist jokes - it seems nowdays that if one movie does not show any sex or nudity in it,  at least one has to simulate it. Cue to the lively and lovely masseuse that helps Ben to relax... enough said!
- the ending - I had the impression that somehow Nancy Myers wanted to transform this into a fairytale and make sure everyone lives happily ever after. To tell you the truth, this is not how I imagine it would end... SPOILER ALERT! It is true that Jules loves her daughter and I can see she loves and respects her husband as well; but let's face it: Matt cheated on her... what gives her the guarantee he will not do it again!? Looking at Jules I would say that she would have dumped him after being such an arse. On the other side, he WAS the rising star and he dropped it all and became house - mum just so Jules could run the company... who knows! It just that the ending felt somehow wrong for me...

Overall I really recommend the movie. It is light and funny and Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro make an amazing pair. You rarely see nowdays couples men - woman together, as friends. Everyone presumes that something is happening and there must be something going on that one does not know of... not the same with these 2! For me they quite look like Grandpa and Niece, to tell you the truth. Have you watched The Intern yet? I would love to hear your opinion on it! What are the next movies you are planning to watch on the big screen. We have: November for Spectre & The Mockingjay part 2; December for the movie I have been waiting for years now... Star Wars - The Force Awakens. Are you excited? I know I am :)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves movies (especially on the big screen)