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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Krakow - Cytat Cafe - You NEED Coffee!

My dear honey buns,

You know how one blindly just walks up and down the street, never bothering to check new things? I sometimes do that too... I am ashamed to admit I walk like a zombie as well from time to time. A friend of mine was telling me this Christmas that one day she saw me on the street, walking. She was on the other side of the road, so she started waving and shouting my name... and I kept walking forward, texting on my phone (most probably with my family, on Facebook)... I never knew that, I did not notice her waving and screaming my name... that is how concentrated I was! I sit and think that maybe I do that not only with people but with places as well, and that thought makes me sad...
I love finding new places in Kraków. There is that exhilaration kicking in, knowing you have discovered the next best place to take someone out ;)) My sister will visit in spring. I already have a couple of café's I'd like to take her to ;)) and Cytat Cafe is on the list! In the heart of the Jewish district, in Kazimierz, on ulica Miodowa 23 / ulica Estery, exactly on the corner, there is a perfect place to chill out and have some quality time. My sister loves coffee and the place smelled deliciously of coffee so I think it would be a good choice - as long as you manage to get a spot in! I was lucky last time, as I was one of their first customers of the day - early morning bird!
Even from the outside the place is very welcoming and you have a couple of blackboards with funny signs welcoming you to Cytat Cafe. The team is very Facebook friendly and they have even a hashtag quite frequently used: #cytatcafe - their response time online on comments, queries and ratings is impressive! On TripAdvisor they are rated as #514 of 1031 restaurants in Kraków & #562 of 1128 places to eat in Kraków - as of January 2016. With an average of 4 out of 5 starts and 22 reviews, I can see this place getting more and more popular ;) they also have their own Internet Page (in Polish) where you can check their menu and read their news. Quite nicely done, I must admit! With good quality pictures. Thumbs up!
The Cytat Cafe has reviews not only from locals but also from tourists, especially due to the fact that it is located on such a popular area and on such a populated street! Everyone passes by there! The place is not huge: main room with serving area + small tables with high stools + entrance to bathroom on the side & second room with 5 seating options (couples or group). There are books you can look at or lovely sayings on the wall that might get your minds wheels turning... they have menu both in Polish and English printed out, so make sure you get the right one from the counter, grab a seat, wait for the nice staff to come and... job done! :) Cytat Cafe accepts payment in cash but also by card (paypass included!). A huge plus for the Internet addicted: free WiFi, working quite well.  I would say the place is ideal for couples and also for close friends ;) 
The prices:
- espresso 6,5 zloty
- americano 7,9 - 9,9 zloty
- latte 9,9 - 11,9 zloty
- cappuccino 8,9 -10,9 zloty
- chai tea - 9,9 zloty
- multiple sortiments of yummy hot chocolate 14,9-16,9 zloty
- smoothies 13 zloty
- sandwiches / toasts 17 - 18 zloty
- breakfast plates are around 12-20 zloty and they are yummy as they can be :) the one you can see here below on the pictures is called "talerz sniadaniowy z jajecznica" (translated from Polish that means "Breakfast platter with scrambled eggs"). This version costs 14 zloty and has scrambled eggs (obviously!), 2 pieces of fresh and amazingly good toast, butter, tomatoes and cucumber slices, 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of golden cheese. The breakfast goes nicely with the amazing teas they sell ;) 
I went to Cytat Cafe at the very end of November and it was a very cold day. Early in the morning I had to take some blood tests and I thought I would pass out if I would not eat something after and drink something very hot to warm up my insides. The lad who was serving was very nice and he even recommended a tea for me. It was a seasonal one with citrus and cinnamon... heavenly!  I would definitely like to try out this place again! Maybe for some pancakes and smoothies ;) who's in!?

* I was not repayed in any way for this post and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! *

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves cozy café's