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Monday, 25 January 2016

Krakow - Sukiennice Kompania Kuflowa - take 2

My dearest sweethearts,

You have heard me mentioning this place countless times: Kompania Kuflowa - with it's two central locations in Kraków - one on the Main Market Square, on the side of Sukiennice, and the second one at the foot of the hill where Wawel Castle is located, in the Planty area. You know them as Pod Sukiennice or Pod Wawelem. These 2 lovely home - like restaurants specialise in traditional Polish homemade food, traditional Polish atmosphere (they always have a band playing) and traditional Polish beer tasting. Kompania Kuflowa is one of those magical places where beer is served even in 1 litre capacity tall glasses - where you can truly exercise your arm muscles through the continuous lifting of the beer ;)) but as it is traditionally Polish, be prepared for all meat products - not recommended for vegetarians!
The Kompania Kuflowa - Pod Sukienicce - is located on the side of the Main Market Square with the Ratusz Tower, and holds a half of the Sukiennice in that part of the square. In the spring, summertime and autumn (while the weather is lovely) there are tables also outside, on the square, and inside the columns of the Sukiennice. If the weather is bad, you can always go inside, where you can pick between ground floor - where you can watch the square and the passer-by's - or the cellar - where it gets very quiet but it is very close to the toilet facilities - or the upper area - that can get quite hot... but it's very cozy as well :) Kompania Kuflowa also takes reservations so if you are a frequent customer and you have a preference, you can always have your own table ;) The waiters are very nice and accommodating (especially if you speak Polish, and I always try my best!) and they usually greet you at the door and ask a table for how many you wish for. According to that and what they have empty, they will show you the options and you can choose ;)
Boiled Pork Knuckle
I really recommend you to trust the waiters at Kompania Kuflowa - Pod Sukiennice. When we went for my birthday and we had the "sword on fire" we were told that one would be enough for 2 people. We did not believe it and went for one each... big mistake! The portions in Kompania Kuflowa are always so big, that you can always mix and share with your partner! And in that case we were talking about 400 gr of meat per portion! Anyway, we really like Pod Sukiennice more as it is less crowded and more spacious - I can actually feel the air moving! In Pod Wawelem it always is extremely crowded and we almost never get a place there without reservation :( Pod Sukiennice is a life saviour when it comes to friends visiting and wanting to try typical Polish food - good price, big portions, nice space, good view of the Market Square ;) You can check online, as they always have one product per day that they love to advertise and sell at a lower price. My favourite is the Saturday one: roasted pork knuckle ;) I'm a meat fan, yes sir!
Fried meatball with mustard
The roasted pork knuckle is always served with traditionally baked potatoes with spices (deliciously yummy) and sauerkraut (marinated cabbage cooked with spices). You also get mustard and horseradish, to spice things up even a bit more. I have ate there pork knuckle numerous times and each time it was mouthwatering marvelous - very well done, warm and tender, it always melts in your mouth. For entre we usually have something to go with the beer, and that is the traditional meatball, sliced and with mustard on the side. It is served as a cold dish. Always in Kompania Kuflowa, if you order beer, you will get the extra bite for it - usually it is sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and a pickled cucumber per person. I always loved the picked cucumbers at Kompania Kuflowa :) they are always crunchy and not very soft. Just perfect!

The prices:
- Saturday's special: boiled pork knuckle with bavarian sauerkraut potatoes and horseradish = 29 zloty
- Goes well with beer: fried meatball with mustard = 7 zloty

Tips and tricks:
#1 If it is your bday that day and you have the ID with you, and you tell them that from the start, they will come sing happy birthday to you and bring you the complimentary piece of chocolate cake - free of charge! :) (last year I tasted it and it was delicious and very sweet!)
#2 Wait for them to bring the check. Don't go to the counter and pay - it is not customary and you will lose the sour cherry vodka shot. You get that one for free ;) just be patient!

My dearest hearts, have you ever tried one of Kompania Kuflowa 's locations? If so, I would love to hear your opinion on it. I never had a bad experience with the waiters or the food and unless you are a vegetarian, I suggest you try this place out :) it's  central location, wonderful view, good food and nice serving people really recommends itself!

** This post was made out of love for good food. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **  

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Kompania Kuflowa