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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Don't Be Afraid!

Dearest hearts,

A few days ago I felt the need to share with you the growing concern about Artificial Intelligence. Now the least thing I wish for you to do is worry and be afraid.  That was not my purpose.  The purpose was to get you thinking about the world we live in and how progress has changed us so much that we don't know where to stop. Now you may have several attitudes after reading that article: you might think that this is a whole lot of bollocking and that technology in our day to day life is necessary; you might think that having robots take over is a "cool thing"; you may get so scared that you might just wish to leave your home and live on a deserted island... there are so many "you may" versions ans none are very appealing to me... I must admit that sometimes, thinking about the world nowdays, with all the violence and the conflicts, gets me very much scared/frightened. Is this the kind of world you wish to live in? Is this the kind of world you would like your kids to know? I surely wish that everyone would have, at least, a lovely childhood... yet that is not available for everyone...
A few days ago, I was just absent mindedly checking up Facebook to see what my friends were up to, when I bumped into a picture that got me thinking... The pictures was saying that 365 times, in the Bible, the wording "Don't be afraid" appears. 365 times... one time for each day of the year! I love "coincidences" like this in the Bible. It's as if God would like us to know that being afraid, although it is a part of whom we are and although it's an inevitable thing that will happen to us, should not scare us and we should drop it as soon as we can. Being afraid is a human reaction, and even Jesus was afraid in the Gethsemane garden, yet God gave him strength. Just like he gives us strength on a daily basis, to get through the worst. Being afraid is something that will happen, but we must not let it become an integrating part of us. We must not stay afraid. I have seen people afraid... their constant focus was on the scareness in them, and they could not break free. It is as if they were bound by heavy chains... "Be not afraid" is the line we should keep with us, in our lives, in our hearts.  
What do you do in order not to be afraid? It's a hard exercise but I believe everyone has their own way of breaking free and finding a way out, or coping with the situation in hand. I remember being a wee lass, afraid of the Dark... my sister would be able to parade though the whole house with the lights off, yet I could not move a muscle. The way I coped with it, at the beginning, was lighting one by one all the lights in the house, in order to get to the bathroom... when I grew older I told myself there was nothing to fear, so going to the bathroom was a "run for your life" kind of "chase" to get to the loo... I have moments even nowdays when I don't feel comfortable in the dark, especially in new places... it's as if the corners would hide the creepiest monsters... of course I know they are not real. Tell that to my subconscious though :) how about you? How do you cope with fear?! Did you also have a childhood fear, that in time became easier to bare? 

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug