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Saturday, 6 February 2016

How Many Donuts Did You Eat For Fat Thursday?

Dearest hearts,

How many donuts have you ate thus past Thursday? Be fair and give us the number and the details ;) if you are Polish, or an expat living in Poland, for sure you know all about Fat Thursday (in Polish language: Tlusty Czwartek). This celebration signifies the end of the Carnival period, it marks the last day when people can eat and drink and be merry, before the Easter Holy Lent starts. The period of fasting is already up on us now, so I hope you ate all the donuts you could get your hands on ;) In Poland, the traditional thing is to eat at least one donut (in Polish language: ponczek) for good luck. If you did not have any... well... that's too bad!
I was reading an article this week about it, and as everyday we learn something new... so did I learn that in the beginning,  medieval ages, the donuts were not actually sweet but rather salty... the sweet filling came later on, somewhere in the 19th century. Thank God! :) The typical Polish donut also does not resemble the ones made in USA - those are round, flat and with a whole in the middle. Polish ponzcki are oval, maybe round, not flat at all! and without any whole but with different filling - usually rose jam, "advocat" (type of alcohol - light), chocolate. They are also usually powered with sugar or glazed (sticky fingers...). By the way, did you know that the USA in 1926 opened up its first Doughnut Making Machine Feb. 6th, 1926: In Dubuque, Iowa the first doughnut-making machine was launched by a company called Trausch Bakery. See! You learn something new everyday! :) I ate 1,5 donuts as I was not that much into sweets... how about you? ;)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug