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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Krakow - Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Wines

Dearest hearts,

Have you heard of the Krako Slow Wines shop in Krakow? You should! Let me tell you about it! The idea of Krakó Slow Wines was established in the minds of two people: Janusz Jarosz and Paul Wozniak. Janusz is a collector, connoisseur and restaurateur fascinated by the culture and philosophy of the culinary tradition of multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian. Paul, after several years of wine trade, founded his own company, dealing mainly with wines from Georgia and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It's not irregular that both teamed up to open a new winebar and shop here in Krakow. The location might not be very popular as it is far away from the Old Town but not from the touristic tracks - it is located right next to Schindlers Factory.
Opening hours:
Monday: 10:00 - 21:00
Tuesday to Saturday.: 10:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 21:00

Contact details:
Telephone number: 669 225 222
Internet Page:
Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Wines offers only natural wines - usually the type that you cannot find in the regular shops and super/hyper-markets. The list of products now boasts of about 50 wines from diverse regions - Romania and Moldavia included as well, and you don't see that everyday! The athmosphere is relaxed and inviting and there are multiple seating options: outside on the terrace (if one wishes to smoke), inside on high or low chairs and the above option, with a very summer-like seaside feeling about it :)
The menu can be found both in Polish and English and the waiters are very nice and willing to help. Make a note that Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Wines is a self-service place so you need to get your arse to the bar - check the menu - make a decision - order the food/wine/coffee/tea & pay for it. I usually like to sit at the bar area as I know it will get me a faster rate of service and in case I need something more I can be very comfortable and just wave to the waiter :) but I never had any issue with the serving here. The guys are always one step ahead of what's needed. For example, one time I went with my friend and I was holding a white rose. I was just taking off my coat, not even looking at the menu, when the waiter came with a vase for the flower with fresh water and placed it in. Instant recognition for a job well done! That is how you get customers! The above and beyond attitude ;)
Even if it is listed just as a wine shop and bar Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Winesis much more than that! Here you can find a lot of events going on - dancing/music nights, book presentations, mini concerts and special events like the Romanian meetings (awesome for the International communities, a great way to gather around a good wine glass and talk about life as an expat ;) Kudos to the idea!). Also there is a small (yet quite well organised) menu option, in case you get hungry and you wish to pair up the wine with something else. I recommend the traditional bigos (cabbage with meat) served hot with bread + szarlotka (apple pie with crumbs - be careful! It's really hot!!!). There is also the Georgian type pierogi that I really like - with VERY WELL SPICED meat ;) Usually the regular portion is of 5 big pierogi - but it is more than enough to make your tummy happy!
If you are not a wine person or if you are the one driving, or you simply cannot get any wine... due to diverse reasons... I really recommend you the teas here. They make a perfect cup of tea ;) they have only natural blends from Harney & Sons and my favourite is the Oolong Pomgrenate - perfectly flavoured and bursting with fruit. Always served with a heart shaped cookie ;))) It is perfect to have, no matter the weather: wintertime - to warm up your insides; summertime - to coll you off from the heat outside. 
The prices:
- espresso = 7 zloty
- latte/cappuccino = 9 zloty
- hot chocolate = 10 zloty
- mulled wine = 11 zloty
- Bigos = 12 zloty
- Baklava = 12 zloty
- "Deser Krako'" = the perfect apple pie dessert = 12 zloty
- The Georgian type pierogi (portion of 5) = 20 zloty
If you are an Internet/social media addict and you need your dose, Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Wines has free WiFi that you can use ;)  It is quite stable inside but on the terrace... not really ;)  Anyway, once you get there I believe you will be more interested to check out the lovely interior, the menu of different wines that you may not know and try out the very hot apple pie that has a perfect blend of cinnamon :) and once you are done... let me know what you think of this place, a bit off the regular/beaten track. Before or after going to Schindlers Factory it is definitely worth your while ;)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to discover new places :)