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Sunday, 5 June 2016

10 Reasons You Should NEVER Ever Give Up!

Dearest hearts,

Nowdays I can see it becoming more and more of a habit to give up and let go of a dream when going gets tough. We are no longer used to fighting and struggling for the things we believe in and we are no longer willing to invest time in the things that truly matter in life. We sometimes even let go of things (and even of people!) without giving a second chance or trying to understand the motive behind the things that passed. We jump into conclusions faster than before and we never look at all possible sided before settling to a decision. The sad part is sometimes we get guided by other people whom we believe act for our own good... We give up on people, relationships, friendships, things and places without even a second thought... sometimes that may be the right this to do, but I don't believe that it's the right thing all the time. We should try never to pass a decision lightly and try to consider all consequences - including the people we hurt in the process. It is true, a kick in the butt (well placed) can take you a step forward, but be careful to whom and how you deliver that kick. And be careful also if you are the receiver: don't let it ever bring your determination down! 
Today I want to share with you 10 reasons why you should NEVER ever give up:
1. You are alive and kicking - as long as there is still breath in your body, as long as you are not dead and buried, you should never surrender. You should never give up and you should always be prepared for all possible situations that may arise. As Scarlett O'Hara used to say... tomorrow is another day! Another say in which you can work towards you dream, your goal!
2. What you wish for was achieved before - if the goal towards which you plan and live and dream of has been done by before, even if it was done just once in a lifetime, that means you can do it as well. If one person managed to pull it through that means there is a fair chance that you can do it as well!
3. What you wish for has never been achieved before - now that's a challenge! But it is not the first time human kind took on doing something that was believed impossible. They never thought we would be able to fly, that flying was for birds or else God would have given us wings. Instead God gave us marvelous brains that helped people invent the plane and now taking a plane sometimes is like riding a bus.
4. Dexterity is only in your head and heart - let's take for example this beautiful man Nick Vujicic. He was born with no hands and no legs, just the feet termination. Yet he has achieved so much, much more - I dare say - than most of us are willing to fight for and dream for in a lifetime. He has a beautiful family and beside being a beautiful person himself, he is an inspiration! This man can play football, swim and surf well, all done by the grace of God and with a lot of perseverance. If he can do it, for sure you can! The barriers that you raise are mostly in your head! Listen to your heart!
5. There are people who are worst and better than you at everything that you do, and that should not bring you down, but make you look on the brighter side of life. Take me for example... I am horrible when it comes to running, I know that and I know that if I would wish to be good I would have to practice daily. But running is not my thing ;) I would rather take that time and do some yoga / pilates /martial arts instead. I know I would kick arse at all those listed vs. someone who does running on a daily basis, and that's normal. Take things into perspective! You can't be good at everything ;)
6. People will always try to bring you down, for one reason or another. There will be people who will make fun of you, others will ask you indecent questions, some will even go as far as to get help in order to persuade you to pull off from your dream. Take a look at your dream and if you think that it's worth it and that you are able to reach it... well... screw the others! Surround yourself with people who care and with people who are there for you. They will be there when you fall ans when you will pick yourself up to give it another go!
7. You may be someone else's inspiration! I know, you never thought about it this way, but you should take that into consideration! You are more important than you think! And it does not matter if you think the things you do in your daily life are nothing special, for someone they are special and for someone you may be even a role model. My amazing Granny and Mum are and will be always my role models. It's true they won no Oscar, no Nobel prize, they are not worldwide known, but what they do in life shines of beauty and strength. Role models come in all shapes and sizes! Remember that!
8. If you don't give it everything you can, nobody else will! Let's face it, sometimes people need a push and the push must be done by someone... if there is no such person who will do the push, then the whole dream stands still. Be the push for your dream! Give it the best you can, everyday of your life, until you achieve that dream.  Nobody is going to work for your dream except yourself. That's because it's yours ;) not mine... I have my own dreams to push for!
9. Don't look on the dark and negative aspects, don't count the times you failed but count and celebrate the times you made it! Celebrate the milestones leading to your victory! That brings me to the part where you should have a plan on how to conquer the dream and setup milestones so you can Check how far off you are along the way ;) it will make you smile and blush and jump for joy once you will reach them! Be happy for the things you have done well!
10. Baby steps are not always for babies and achieving a dream will take TIME and a lot of PATIENCE. And those are probably the 2 keywords that should stick with you! Success takes time and patience to achieve and many think it just creeps upon you over the night. No it doesn't and whomever said that is a huge liar! If you want something stable, solid and lasting, you need to work upon it. There will be cracks that you will fix, there will be times when you will want to give up but than you will see a ray of sunshine. Keep holding on to your dream!

Einstein never gave up on his dreams, he was crazy in love with his theories and he really believed in what he was doing. People may have made fun of him, with his mismatched socks and falling in drainage wholes, but whom remembers the people who were laughing now?! Yet everyone knows A. Einstein and his well known theories. He made his mark upon the world we live in; it's time to make yours, however big that mark may be ;)

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug