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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Krakow - Gossip Cafe

Dearest sweethearts,

I hope you are having a fine weekend - relaxed and full of fine quality time. We have finished yesterday our school for future parents and we are crossing one more week off the list... just a bit more to go before the small LadyBug Baby will join us, in our arms :) We had a very nice school to prepare us, in English language, held by the Koala Birth School (close to the Kraków Filharmonia). The thing is the school lessons are always at the same hour, early in the morning, starting 9 am sharp! We always prefer to sleep longer in the weekend, in the mornings, so we never have breakfast at home. But we do have a long break around 11 am and... that's how we discovered yet another great breakfast place: Gossip Cafe
Gossip Cafe is hard to miss, very visibly located on the intersection of the Filharmonia (Kraków's Filharmonic Building). It's right next to the Radisson Blue Hotel and it's shaped in a one - room small meeting place for food enthusiasts who need a quick brunch and are ok with slightly different setups. There are 4 small tall tables with tall chairs located on the left and right wall, a small 2 tall chairs bistro table that let's you look at the people outside & my personal favourite: the middle, low bench table for 4 up to 6 people (again, sharing is caring!). It's a self service place so don't sit down and wait to be served! Go up to the counter and take your pick: the menu is extremely simple and it's an easy choice. Don't worry as the menu is a A4 page double side and it's available in Polish and English language. Also you can see the menu on the blackboard stuck on the back of the bar/waiting area (in Polish language). 
The menu is comprised of breakfast options - quite a few delicious ones with scrambled eggs, some with jogurt and musli, and even a romantic french version of croissants. There are also sandwiches, panini and salads. The sweets always look amazing, especially the sernik (Polish cheesecake) with strawberries. I also recommend you the John Lemon lemonade options at only 8 zloty per bottle - my fav one is the one with "pigwa" (that's Polish for quince) as it's smooth and non sparkling and Marek's fav is the one with "czarna porzeczka" (that's Polish for black currant). It has a twist off cap so don't stress if the waitress brings you it with the cap still on. Do your order and pick a place appropriate for you - or just order the "to go" option if you wish for it.
Location: Zwierzyniecka 4, Krakow - quite close to the Main Square & Wawel Castle
- lemonade - 6 zloty
- John Lemon bottled lemonade (different flavours) - 8 zloty
- fresh orange juice - 9 zloty
- scrambled eggs with ham + toast & butter - 13 zloty
- panini - prices vary from 7 to 13 zloty, depending on the size and ingredients
- soup of the day - 8 zloty
- tarts - sweet or veggie like, they have the same price - 9 zloty
Tips and tricks: there is no restroom so if you need to use the loo than you may be in trouble ;) Gossip Cafe is more of a snack place, something to eat fast and go about your business. Also, as I said, it is a self service place - you need to get to the counter and order and pay and the nice lady will bring the order to you, once it is done. Usually it takes up to 15 min to get the cooked food - like the scrambled eggs - so take that into consideration if you are in a hurry! Also I would not consider Gossip Cafe as children friendly due to the high chairs and all the possibilities of pulling something or bumping into something... Nevertheless I love this place and now we visit it almost on a weekly basis ;)))
I also love the way the small room is arranged and the tiles on the floor, they somehow make me smile :) the music is nice and not loud so you can hear your partner. It's a cozy little book for a break in the Old Town, not very far away from the Main Market Square or the Wawel Castle. It is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 7:30 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. Although it's been open only for 2-3 months or so it has gained popularity and it already has 35 reviews on Facebook scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars grade. It's a bit off the beaten track of tourists but if you get there its worth your time! They sometimes also have special offers for coffee, like 2 for the price of one, so it's worth also checking out their page.

Let me know once you visited it, what you tried out and how you liked it. I would love to hear from you, if you would like to share your experience as well ;) also, please don't pick on the pictures this time, as I did not bring the camera with me recently and I always end up using the camera from my phone - Samsung Galaxy S4. I know it ain't the best resolution but I hope you "got the picture" and you will be willing to try it out. They make one of the best scrambled eggs with ham! ;) simply yummy!

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves scrambled eggs