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Monday, 20 June 2016

Summer Solstice

Dearly beloved,

Welcome to the Summer Solstice celebration! Don't worry, I have not turned pagan ;) but it is accustomary to know when one has the longest or shortest day of the year, just so you make the most out of it! This year the Summer Solstice falls today, June 20th, next year and the year after is on June 21st ;) just a small FYI!
Rejoice for the Longest Day of The Year is here!
The Summer Solstice is also know in some countries as "Midsummer" or "Litha" and, as I have said, it is the longest day of the year!  The amount of dailight will reach its full potential today and then start decreasing towards the days of winter with no sun :( Also the Summer Solstice is the meteorogical start of the summer so better get cracking on those summertime vacations that you have planned! Grab the beach gear and enjoy the sunshine of the summertime while it lasts.  If you don't have much time, don't worry, there are plenty options in Poland for some summertime madness - why not start with a trip to the trio of the Polish seaside: Gdansk - Gdynia - Sopot with a short but well deserved stop before at the Malbork castle! 
Trojmiasto = Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. A must see for all!
Did you know that the sun does not set at the North Pole today. There are 24 hours of sunlight. Does it make up for that cold day in December when the sun does not rise above the horizon? No, but on this day it sure does feel good wherever you are! So make sure you grab your straw hats, sunglasses and SPF creams and head out to catch some of that looooong day sun... I know it's Monday and probably you are nursing a hangover from this weekend but suit yourself up for the longest day of the year. Maybe it would be a nice idea to take the day off today and just spend it relaxing? :) have a longer weekend? But who knows?! Maybe you are already on your holiday, enjoying the time on the beach, sipping on your iced tea while you read this... lucky you :p Enjoy the Summer Solstice :) 

Yours sincerly, 
Twisted Red LadyBug