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Saturday, 22 July 2017

10 Things I Need To Explain Foreigners About Romania

Dearest hearts,

It's "a truth universally acknowledged" that we don't actually know much about the world until the world comes knocking at our door, or when we decide to get out arses moving and start travelling. Travel enlightens us, makes us see that there is more to life than accumulation of funds in a bank account or day in - day out going to work. I've been living in Krakow for more than 6 years now and when I say that I am an expat people ask from where am I. When I say that I am Romanian I get mixed signals: either "Oh! Your country is so beautiful! You have such pristine mountains!" or... "Oh! Romanian..." (smiling and moving along)... so... I feel the need to explain:
1. Romanian does not equal gypsies! Roma gypsies are said to have roots in India. They have a nomadic style of living and in the 13th century they have started their migration to Europe. Romania was very open towards them and the political parties gave them many rights - so they settled and started breeding heavily, raising their numbers and doing rather... mischevious and dirty deeds (around the world). Because they started travelling in the EU and because they steal and cheap and (unfortunately) they have Romanian ID's people assumed that everyone home is like that. Bollocks! Not all Romanian people have dark skin, steal and act unlike human beings :/
2. We are not all communists - it's been almost 28 years since communism collapsed yet everyone remembers the bad and the ugly rather than the good things... It's true, Romania was part of the communistic block, but hey! Theoretically we have democracy now and we get to choose our own leaders - even if they suck and don't give a hoot about the people, rather then their own pockets!
3. Our capital is Bucharest, not Budapest! Trust me, this is a common mistake that people across the ocean make... that and the fact that there is an actual country named Hungary - and yes, they are not hungry all the time! (*insert here rolling eyes*).
4. We don't live in trees and we don't eat it bananas, we also have Internet and it's not dial up! Some people from a certain State (or more united...) might belove that we just discovered the TV, the media and so on. Some may think we are a 3rd world country... Oh! The ignorance...
5. Romania is a country meant to be travelled- it has mountains, it has seaside, it has the Danube Delta, it has lakes and streams and waterfalls. It has loads of castles and palaces you could visit - at least one per each day of the year! 
6. We love Latin languages, we eat them for breakfast! Romanian language is a Latin based language, that makes us understand really easy all other Latin languages like Spanish, Italian and so on. Don't find it weird if you speak in your own language and we know you are gossiping ;)
7. Dracula was a real person but he did not drink blood, transform into a bat and lived for ages in a coffin... There was a true ruler, named Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler was the nickname, as he liked to Impale the people who would lie and cheat and steal - sounds fair to me!). He was also known as "Vlad Dracul", hence the name. He was one hard-core person! His rule was law and he was not take any wronging of his subjects. 
8. We DID score the very first PERFECT 10 at the Olympics! Nadia Comaneci, Olymipics at Montreal, gymnastics. She was absolutely glorious and perfect! Everyone knows her name, everyone who loves gymnastics understands her effort and her hard work and dedication. It took her strength and discipline to get there, to be PERFECT!
9. We do have "the world's best driving road", as Jeremy Clarkson put it. Thats the Transfagarasan highway, in the mountains, open it a few months per year during summertime. It was one of Ceausescu's creation - one that endures and makes everyone wonder and ponder upon its beauty. Indeed communism left over some things that are worth your time ;)
10. Pierogi is a traditional polish dish but the Romanian people have "coltunasi", which is more or less the same thing... it's just that the Polish people got more inventive when it comes to the fillings... after all... are we not all family? One big European family :)

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Her Heritage